Monday, September 17, 2007

"Supernatural" Review Recap & Review - "All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two"

"All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two"

Original Air Date May 17, 2007

Jenny D - TwoCents Staff Writer

Ok everyone, it is Jenny D here with the K.I.S.S. (hope you know what I mean) version of Season 2’s Finale of Supernatural. I think that the crew over at Supernatural got things right with the two part Season Finale. The dramatic conclusion to “What makes Sam different and what the Demon has planned for him”, we find out what really happened in Sam’s nursery the night his mom dies, Daddy Winchester comes back to help the boys finish off the Demon once and for all. All of this drama makes me want to hug a Winchester brother, how about you? But has the show climaxed too quick? With all of the questions answered and the Demon out of their lives, what do Sam and Dean have to do?!?!?!

PLENTY! When the gates of Hell opened up, they managed to let out a couple hundred demons. I would call that job security. The Demon told Dean that Sam didn’t come back 100% Sam. Poor Sam, he continues to be the “weird” one. Plus, with one year left on Dean’s life Sam has vowed to get him out of it. It should be fun to see how Dean lives his life when he thinks he has nothing to live for.
Dean, Sam and help from Bobby and Ellen have a lot of work to do and I can’t wait until October 4 to find out what happens! See you then!

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