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"Supernatural" Repeat Recap & Review - "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One"

"All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One"

Original Air Date May 10, 2007

Jenny D. - TwoCents Staff Writer

Hey, its Jenny D. back from a little break and just in time for the end of Season 2 and beginning of Season 3 of Supernatural. By the way, don’t forget that Supernatural Season 2 comes out on DVD Tuesday September 11.

This emotional episode of Supernatural begins part 1 of the 2 part Season Finale. It starts off with Sam and Dean at a diner. Sam goes inside and the radios starts to go wacky. I am surprised it took Dean a minute to figure it out. By the time he does, he goes inside to find everyone dead, Sam missing and sulphur.
The Demon has taken Sam to a ghost town in the middle of nowhere. He wakes up to find himself alone, or so he thought. Andy finds him as they hear a woman screaming. They find Ava locked in a room. She thinks she has only been gone 2 or 3 days, and in reality she had been gone for 5 months. They then meet Jake and Lily and find out that they are all the same age and have special abilities. Sam tries to explain what is happening, and of course they all think he is crazy.
AS this is happening, we pan back to Dean going to Bobby for help. They strange this is that there have been no omen or demonic happenings. They call Ash who has big news. They go to find out what is happening.

Weird things are happening in the ghost town when Jake storms off to find a face in a window. When he checks it out he sees “I will not kill”. A demon girl attacks him, but Sam arrives to save the day. Lily gets upset and takes off on her own. Big mistake! They are in a ghost town after-all. She ends us hanging herself
Lilly’s death is not the only tragedy; the road house has burnt to the ground, Ellen is gone, Ash is dead. Suddenly Dean is getting flashes of images; Andy is using his powers to lead Dean and Bobby to them.

Back in the ghost town, Sam and the others are making the most of their time making weapons and lining the windows and doors with salt. Sam finally tells the truth to Ava about the last 5 months and her fiancĂ©’s death. She is devastated. AS Sam tries to comfort her, the Demon appears telling Sam of his little competition he has going on among them. He takes Sam back in time to show him what happened the night of his mother’s death. He did not plan to kill his mom, that she got in the way when he was feeing blood to baby Sam. He wakes up to find Ava missing. He worries something has happened to her but in reality she is breaking the salt line so the demon girl can kill Andy. Ava is bad and no one has figured it out yet, a nice twist I might add.

Ava screams to cover up the fact that she caused Andy’s death. Ava tells him she found him, but Sam in suspicious when he sees the salt line broken. He figures out she is responsible and she admits that she has been killing everyone the Demon has brought there for the past 5 months. The Demon has appeared to them and told them that only one of them will survive. Jake kills Ava and has intentions of killing Sam too. Sam tries to convince him they can defeat the demon, but Jake goes after him anyway. They fight, but of course, Sam can’t kill him. So when his back is turned as Dean and Bobby arrive. Jake stabs Sam. Dean runs up to catch his brother as he dies in his arms.

This was an amazing episode that sets up an even better season finale. A++

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