Monday, September 10, 2007

"Prison Break" Primer - Part One

To get ready for Monday's big premiere of "Prison Break" on FOX, our Staff Writer, Tom R has submitted a multi-part piece to get you all up to date on the show! Enjoy!

Tom R - TwoCents Staff Writer

Michael Scofield
Played by: Wentworth Miller
Also seen in: Small parts on ER, Joan of Arcadia, Popular

In season one, Michael Scofield was sentenced to incarceration at Fox River State Penitentiary. He did this deliberately to break out his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who was facing execution for murdering the brother of the Vice President. At the end of season one, Scofield led the Fox River Eight over the wall. By the end of season two, he made his way to Panama. As Linc was cleared, Secret Service Agent Bill Kim was shot, and Scofield took the blame, landing himself in the prison known as Sona.

Alex Mahone
Played by: William Fichtner
Also seen in: Invasion; Go; Crash; Armageddon

In season two, FBI superagent Alex Mahone was given the task of bringing the Fox River Eight to justice. The people behind Linc’s conspiracy, however, were blackmailing Mahone to kill all eight men rather than bring them back to prison. The cat-and-mouse chase between Scofield and Mahone culminated in Panama, where Mahone blackmailed Scofield for a sailboat that would get him away from the conspiracy. Scofield agreed, but planted enough drugs on the boat that Mahone was arrested at the first port on charges of drug trafficking.

Theodore Bagwell
aka T-Bag
Played by: Robert Knepper
Also seen in: Carnivale; Good Night, and Good Luck; Hostage

Bagwell’s villainy became apparent quickly in season one as he bullied his way to escape. Once over the wall, he had handcuffed himself to another escapee. In an attempt to break out of the cuffs, Bagwell lost a hand. He forced a doctor to reattach it, but lost it again escaping from authorities. After confronting the family that put him behind bars, Bagwell headed to Panama with a new prosthetic hand. He led the authorities to Scofield, but was left behind bars.

Brad Bellick
Played by: Wade Williams
Also seen in: The Bernie Mac Show; Erin Brockovich

The captain of the guards at Fox River, Bellick tried to stay a step ahead of Scofield through informants and intimidation. He lost his job after the breakout and turned bounty hunter in order to collect the rewards on the Fox River Eight. After being framed for murder by Bagwell, he was recruited by Mahone to track down Scofield’s cellmate, Fernando Sucre. Bellick made his way to Mexico, where he kidnapped Sucre’s girlfriend in order to get Sucre’s help finding Bagwell. Bagwell set him up for a second murder, which placed him behind bars. In order to find his Maricruz, Sucre needs Bellick. As Scofield walked through Sona at the end of season two, there was a quick shot of a beaten inmate who appeared to be Bellick.

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