Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Prison Break" Primer - Part 2 (At Large)

The following Prison Break characters are currently at large.

Lincoln Burrows
Played by: Dominic Purcell
Also seen in: John Doe
Whereabouts: Panama

Linc faced execution for the murder of the Vice President’s brother in season one. His brother Michael Scofield engineered the breakout that included six other inmates. Pursued by the police, FBI and bounty hunters, Linc and Michael attempted to secure a presidential pardon. When that failed, they fled to Panama. Linc was eventually cleared of the charges following the testimony of Paul Kellerman, a key figure in the conspiracy. Before they could relax, however, Secret Service Agent Bill Kim was killed, and Michael took the blame for the murder. Now Linc may need to return Michael’s favor in season three.

Dr. Sara Tancredi
Played by: Sarah Wayne Callies
Also seen in: Tarzan (TV)
Whereabouts: Panama

Sara worked in the prison infirmary, where she developed a relationship with Scofield as he engineered the break. After aiding in the break, Sara resumed her heroin addiction. Once in recovery, she was shadowed by Paul Kellerman so she would lead him to Scofield. When the attempt for a presidential pardon failed, she was arrested as Scofield and Burrows fled the country. She was acquitted when Kellerman testified on her behalf. Arriving in Panama to break the news, she shot agent Kim. Scofield agreed to take the fall for her.

Fernando Sucre
Played by: Amaury Nolasco
Also seen in: The Benchwarmers; Mr. 3000; Transformers
Whereabouts: Panama

Scofield’s cellmate, Sucre was imprisoned for armed robbery in a attempt to provide for his beloved Maricruz. When he learned he was about to remarry, he wanted in on Scofield’s break. On the run in season two, he managed to break up the wedding and reunited with Maricruz in Mexico. She was the kidnapped by former prison guard Brad Bellick in order to force Sucre to cooperate in finding Bagwell and Scofield.

Maricruz Delgado
Played by: Camille Guaty
Also seen in: The Nine; Las Vegas; Crossing Jordan; some of my best dreams
Whereabouts unknown
See above

Lincoln Burrows, Jr.
Played by: Marshall Allman
Also seen in: Hostage; guest shots on Malcolm in the Middle; Cold Case; Saving Grace
Whereabouts: Deliberately unknown

LJ saw his stepparents killed by Kellerman in season one, leading him to follow Veronica in pursuit of the truth. In season two, he was used as bait to draw Linc out of hiding before his father, Aldo Burrows, arranged to get the boy safely into hiding.

Benjamin Miles Franklin
aka C-Note
Played by: Rockmond Dunbar
Also seen in: Soul Food; Earth 2; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Witness protection. After escaping from Fox River, Franklin hit the road with his wife and daughter. He was almost persuaded to kill himself when recaptured, but survived and agreed to turn informant against those who gave him the rope. Since he and the family went into hiding, chances are we won’t see him on the show again.

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