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"Weeds" Recap & Review - "Doing The Backstroke"

"Doing the Backstroke"
Original Air Date: August 13, 2007

[Submitted by: Maty]

Little Boxes Little Boxes and they’re all made out of ticky tacky little boxes all the same.

It’s back-

How bout a recap-

No time. To sum up. Still too long.

The Armenians and the Psychotic Drug Dealer U-Turn all meet up at Nancy’s safe house looking to rob her and Conrad before they can make one big last score to get away from Nancy’s crazy ATF husband Peter who is looking to bust everyone.

Well he’s dead and just as the gun face-off takes place in the kitchen Conrad opens the safe to let the bad criminals fight it out themselves and learns that all the weed is missing. Nancy’s phone rings, it her son Silas who has stolen all the weed because he wants to be in business with his mom. The cops roll up on Silas because Celia found video of him stealing all he Neighborhood Watch Cameras. Celia, whose Drug Free Zone Campaign has been embarrassment to her, is on the warpath for revenge. Blackout.

So the safe is empty, Peter’s dead, Nancy and Conrad are being held at gunpoint and Silas is about to be arrested for vandalism. Oh yeah, Andy the brother-in-law of Nancy’s dead husband, (not Peter the ATF agent, her first husband) has lost her youngest boy Shane who skipped town with Andy’s ex-girlfriend who was running away from an Alaskan bounty hunter. As well as Dean, Celia's husband is having a fight with Doug, the former town selectman, for having an affair with his wife who is now town selectman.

Big Breath

Okay so we open with an unknown family in a car looking for the mother’s childhood home. As they stop the young daughter can’t hold her bladder and rushes into the house. Cut to a little girl with wet pants. The family joins her and finds themselves in the same situation as Nancy and Conrad. The bad guys let them leave as Nancy tries to persuade her captures to let her find the weed before they kill each other. Once Nancy can find a cell signal again she calls Silas and gets Celia instead. (See, Silas got arrested and Celia took his car with the drugs in the trunk.) Now Nancy knows she has to get to that car quickly. Meanwhile Doug and Dean are still fighting and Andy is on the road with the bounty hunter looking for Shane. After the Bad Guys decide to let Nancy try and find the drugs and hold Conrad as ransom, Nancy goes with two thugs to locate the dope. To make a long story short Nancy finds Celia at her home where she has thrown all the pot in the pool to teach Nancy a lesson.

To start off the season this was a fun episode, nothing really happened and we haven’t solved anything but what do you expect from the first one out of the gate? They did a nice job of mixing tension and humor, which is always entertaining. I could have used two episodes to start with, but it's still nice to see all our favorite characters back doing shady things.

Lets call this episode –Good Solid Commersh (short for Commercial)- It’s more then stems and seeds, but not close to Kind Bud.


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