Monday, August 13, 2007

"Supernatural" Repeat Recap & Review - "Heart"

Original Air Date: Thursday March 22, 2007

[Submitted by: Jenny D]

Hey everyone, it is Jenny D with my recap of last night’s Supernatural episode “Heart”. The funny thing about the CW is how they love to share actors and actresses. This episode features a woman named Madison who happened to be played by the actress who played Lex’s wife in Seasons 2 and 3 of Smallville; the show Jensen Ackles was on right before Supernatural.

This episode is a real heart breaker in which Sam finally finds someone he really likes and wants to have a relationship with and finds out she is a werewolf. Puts a damper on the relationship huh?

We begin with Madison and some friends having drinks and one of the guys she works with hitting on her. She blows him off. As she leaves, she sees someone she recognizes and it freaks her out. She thinks she is being chased and makes it to her car ok. Too bad the guy hitting on her didn’t get off so easily. She finds him the next morning mauled on his desk at work.

Fast forward to Sam checking out the body in the morgue. The doctor thinks it is an animal attach, but the heart is missing. Sam and Dean suspect werewolves, which gets Dean pretty excited.

They go to talk to Madison about the body. Her creepy neighbor is there. They question her about what happened and she brings up her ex, Kurt. They suspect he could be “their dog faced boy”. As they leave, Madison sees Kurt outside. They find nothing at Kurt’s apartment, but they do find a heartless body behind a garbage can behind his apartment. Once again, pointing the finger at Kurt.

Sam and Dean head straight to Madison to make sure she is safe. Dean leaves Sam at the apartment to keep an eye on Madison while he goes to find Kurt. Sam and Madison talk and she mentions that she was mugged.

Dean is waiting at Kurt’s apartment when he hears a noise. It is Madison. She is the werewolf and is attacking Kurt. She attacks Dean. He manages to injure her and she leaves. The problem, she does not remember anything. Dean and Sam decide the best thing to do is to kill the werewolf that bit her; this may be the only way to cure her. Sam tried to comfort Madison. But when the moon becomes full, Madison attacks Sam. Sam is ready with his silver bullets, just in case he can’t stop Madison. He locks her in the closet.

Dean finds a werewolf getting ready to attack a prostitute. He shots him to reveal that Madison’s creepy neighbor, Glen, is the werewolf. Sam let’s Madison out and tells her she will never have to see him again
Sam and Dean hang out outside her apartment just to make sure she does not turn again. She come to their car and invites them in. They hang out and she doesn’t change. Dean leaves Sam and Madison alone, and they end up in bed together. Too bad Sam wakes up to find that Madison has not been cured; she is a werewolf again. They find Madison back at her apartment, but there is nothing else they can do to help her. She aggress that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. With tears in his eyes, Sam kills Madison.

Wow, what an episode. I give it an A for finally giving Sam a chance with a girl and then taking it right back away from him.

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