Friday, August 3, 2007

"My Name Is Earl" Repeat Recap & Review - "Harrased A Reporter"

My Name is Earl
"Harassed A Reporter"
Original Air Date: April 12, 2007

[Submitted By: Breanna P.]

In reality, a news reporter would have never let the Hickey brothers ruin multiple live shots of her news stories. But on this week’s episode of My Name is Earl, that is what exactly happened to Channel 3 reporter Nicole Moses as Earl and Randy became Camden County sensations by standing behind her and perfecting multiple variations of their “Crazy Arms” technique.

Years later, a now-repentant Earl sees Nicole as the lowly pre-dawn reporter after being awakened by Randy’s sleep apnea. Earl wants to help Nicole regain the journalistic credentials she had before he and Randy ruined her stories. Earl wants to mark her off the List and goes to Channel 3 to talk to Nicole personally. Nicole agrees to help Earl by having him be the subject of her story about how his list makes him right the wrongs of his past. Both Earl and Nicole hope the story will help her become an Evening News anchor at the station.

When Nicole tells Randy that only Earl will be in her story, Joy tells Randy at the Crab Shack that he needs to be his own man and to be different from the now-good Earl. Randy decides to wear a sombrero and go around doing bad things. Earl and Catalina see Randy on live television ruining Nicole’s weather forecast (I guess she does everything at that station, besides live reports and her “Crop Report” with a chicken puppet shown earlier in the episode). Randy confronts Earl and tells him that he’s going to be his own man because he got left out of Earl’s news story. Earl assures him that he’s a part of the Karma List and will be as much a part of the news story as Earl will be. Randy relents and decides that he will stop wearing the sombrero of doom and be good again.

Randy appears in Nicole’s story, but as a “mentally handicapped brother who is a needy soul and cannot take care of himself” who is looked after by Earl. Nicole’s re-editing of the footage to make Randy look “stupid” causes Randy to confront Nicole at the station. Nicole tells him that she had to re-edit the footage to make it an interesting story and since Randy and Earl had ruined multiple stories for her in the past. Randy then tells Earl that he finally got noticed instead of just being Earl’s accomplice and that he can cross “Harrased a Reporter” off of the Karma List since he gave her a great story. At the end of the episode, Randy ties string around a “bad” tooth of Earl’s since Earl’s moaning-in-his-sleep is causing Randy to have “mummy dreams”. Randy does so, only to learn from an angry Earl that he has pulled the wrong tooth. Both men are left knowing that they helped a reporter, but not each other to sleep better.

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