Friday, August 31, 2007

"My Name Is Earl" Repeat Recap & Review - "Two Balls, Two Strikes"

My Name Is Earl
"Two Balls, Two Strikes"

Original Air Date - April 19, 2007

Breanna P.
TwoCents Staff Writer

Camden’s resident strip club owner, Chubby has died from a hole in the head from a vodka-filled gun. While Earl and his friends, along with everyone from construction workers to the ladies Chubby employed, remember Chubby at his funeral, a white limo pulls up. Out comes Little Chubby, or L.C., who is now the most powerful man in Camden County now that Big Chubby is dead.

Earl remembers how Little Chubby loved to torment Camden’s residents, including himself with a dart through the ear. L.C. even made a pregnant Joy drink from a glass containing Randy’s former rat-tail in order to avoid losing her own hair to Little Chubby’s knife. To get even, Earl kicked Little Chubby’s, well, “Little Chubbies.” Earl had put him on his List when he made it the pain from Little Chubby’s injured man parts lingered for weeks. The pain also made L.C. realize that everyone hated him and he needed to be nicer, or so Earl thinks.

When L.C. returns to Camden, he asks Earl and company to join him at the Chubby mansion since he considers them to be his friends. While drinking fresh lemonade and living it up, Earl forgets all about crossing L.C. off of the List until an open robe reveals Little Chubby’s shriveled Little Chubbies.

Earl can’t get the image of the horribly deformed man parts off of his mind. He decides to talk to Little Chubby about the parts and discovers that L.C. hasn’t been to a doctor. Both go to the doctor and Little Chubby gets an operation to fix his broken Little Chubbies. Little Chubby is nicer because the injury has prevented testosterone from being produced. He stays in Earl and Randy’s motel room until he heals and begins to act aggressive again. He sets fire to Randy’s new rat-tail and shoots at Darnell and his children at the mansion. Everyone pleads for Earl to do something about the return of evil Little Chubby.

While confronting L.C., Earl gets knocked out by Little Chubby and tied to his batting cage at the mansion. Little Chubby lets balls hurl towards Earl’s man parts while taunting him by hitting them away. Only singing “Freebird” reminding L.C. that he is his mother’s son, too (she sang it to Little Chubby whenever he felt scared) makes L.C. step in front of a 90 mile-per-hour baseball and injury his Little Chubbies again. Little Chubby thanks Earl for reminding him that he likes to be loved a lot more than having his testosterone make him evil with working man parts.

Overall, I give the episode a B+ since it has a few good laughs and a great cameo by Night Court’s Charles Robinson as the doctor who sees Little Chubby. Norm McDonald is also really good as Little Chubby and the entire scenario of his injured Little Chubbies is pretty funny.

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