Friday, August 17, 2007

"My Name is Earl" Repeat Recap & Review - "Our Cops is On"

My Name is Earl
“Our Cops is On”
Original Air Date: January 4, 2007

[Submitted by: Breanna P.]

On a boring Sunday afternoon, Randy finishes reading the Comics Section and, along with the other customers at the Crab Shack, is growing more discontent now that there is nothing to do. The kegs are empty from the Saturday night debauchery and everyone is sober and sitting around evaluating their seemingly-dull lives. Randy soon discovers that the afternoon re-run of Cops is the episode featuring himself, Earl and the rest of the unique Camden County residents. The episode was made in 2003 (before Earl discovered Karma) and shows Earl stealing and committing various misdemeanors and felonies.

The police officers of Camden County are not as savvy as their big-city counterparts. Officer Smiley, a neurotic little man with large eyes, is overrun by Earl and Randy as they flee from the convenience store with loot in tow. Elsewhere, Officer Bobbi Bowman is on hand to witness Joy throwing a bowling ball off her trailer’s roof, shattering a mirror and blinding the local postman in one eye. Even Camden County’s-own Tim Stack is caught driving under the influence and is let go by Officer Stuart Daniels because “he was on Punky Brewster.” Later on, that same Tim Stack drives into a telephone pole and mistakes Officer Smiley for a Drive-Through restaurant window. Patty, the local daytime prostitute gets in on the action by being caught with her hand in a vending machine. This occurs after she fled the convenience store when Officer Smiley witnessed her and the then-uninjured postman getting friendly in the photo booth. Officer Daniels goes to Kenny James’s house on a “break-in” call and gets cookies and adoring glances from Mr. James who calls for Officer Daniels specifically on a regular basis.

As the Cops episode progresses, Earl and Randy are discovered stealing from a house with all of the garage door-openers they have. While they are being chased by Officer Bowman, they steal her patrol car along with the Cops cameraman who sits helpless in the backseat. Earl proceeds to drive back to the trailer park and shows Joy their new “date mobile.” In their new toy, Joy and Earl pull over the woman who thinks Earl is dead after he slept with her once. While remaining in the patrol car, Joy forces the woman to submit to various unconventional field sobriety tests. Without her car, Officer Bowman heads back to headquarters of foot and sees Darnell running. She sees that he still has one of the marijuana plants he ran out of his house with in front of her earlier on that day.

Earl and Joy are soon caught having sex in the back of Officer Bowman’s car by Officer Daniels. They attempt to escape on foot but Earl, with his pants around his ankles, falls down and injures what he refers to as his “pecker.” A totally nude Joy then kicks the cameraman to the ground and runs and hides in a dumpster. The Cops episode ends with Randy, who had left the patrol car earlier on to steal from another house, being rescued by the fire department as he sits atop a tree crying and unable to climb down. The townsfolk at the Crab Shack cheer and are delighted once more to see themselves on TV, even if it’s for something most people would see as unflattering to Camden County and its residents.

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