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"Entourage" Recap & Review - "No Cannes Do"

“No Cannes Do”

Original Air Date: Sunday August 26, 2007

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So, last week we didn’t get to do a review (insert Drama’s voice) “Last time on Entourage…” E is now Ana Farris’ manager, her boyfriend (CSI:NY’s A.J. Buckley) is annoying at a photo shoot, Ari and Vince can’t get a hold of E all day which doesn’t make them happy. Billy didn’t write a script for Clouds as he was paid to do. Dana Gordon and Ari are going nuts. Billy has a gun, he’s locked in the bathroom because he wrote a futuristic movie but Vince loves it and talks Billy out of the suicide idea. Ari, trying to set everything right, shows up with the script and convinces the studio to go with it anyway!

Now, on to this week.

Open on Eric sitting atop the fancy new home on his phone. He’s having a 97 minute call with Ana. This call doesn’t seem to be all business. Ana has since dumped her annoying boyfriend (who spoke like Randy Jackson). Is this an opening for E?

Drama calls him on his “Clush” – client crush. E admits there is something there. E invited Ana to meet them at their going away party that night.

The boys arrive at a packed party to celebrate leaving for Cannes to support Medellin. Ari informs the boys that he is bringing Mrs. Ari to Cannes. But the biggest surprise? Turtle isn’t wearing a hat! Ana arrives and Billy is very intrigued. He now wants Ana in his new movie, playing Vince’s sister. Vince asks E to make it happen and that Billy promised not to hit on her.

Turtle brings the news that the nation is now in an elevated terror alert and a red advisory alert has been set.

Mrs. Ari tells Ari that she’s happy not to go to Cannes and begins to unpack. Ari is very suspicious. The rest of this story arc involved Mrs. Ari spending a LOT of money. Car, clothes, etc. Talking about ‘paying’ for it! Ouch. The person who IS upset they aren’t going to Cannes? Lloyd! Ari tells him to pick up some of his favorite chocolates for himself to get over it.

Turns out the terror scare is specific to LAX and they have a 3 hour delay. E, Billy and Vince will have a meeting with Ana in the downtime while Turtle and Drama go ‘sweep for unsavory characters’.

At the meeting – Billy admits to seeing “Scary Movie” 10 times. Ana is unsure about Billy or the story and keeps looking to E for reassurance which he can’t get himself to give.

Lloyd calls Ari and informs him that his therapist said he should express his distrust. Ari is loving this. Trying to keep everyone happy is never easy for Ari is it?

LAX is now closed – turn the limo back to the house. Cannes isn’t looking good at this point!

Ari calls Sydney Pollack. He agrees to let 5 people on jet, not 6 – Lloyd is out. Lloyd, in a very funny monologue tells Ari about going to mentally unpack.

E must convince Ana to do Billy’s movie – not because he thinks it’s the right thing, but because Vince needs/wants it. E goes to her house and she agrees to do the movie as he doesn’t say lies, but yet not the truth. She pours him some wine. They admit to thinking each other is cute, then he says – he doesn’t like the script.

The gang meets up with Sydney Pollack and Ari re-counts. Vince, E, Ari, Drama, Billy, Turtle. That’s SIX! Pollack has room for 5! Still one seat short. Turtle volunteers to not go but Vince will leave no man behind!

While Lloyd tells Ari that he is so mad he’s off on a Rosie cruise, Kanye West walks into the airport and after some talk with Turtle, is willing to take the full crew in his jet to Cannes.

Oh, a side note…. Ana fired Eric for lying.

I enjoyed this episode. It’s always fun when the whole crew is literally flying by the seat of their pants!

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