Monday, August 6, 2007

"Entourage" Recap & Review - "Gary's Desk"

"Gary's Desk"
Original Air Date: August 5, 2007

Just when you think "Entourage" has hit the high of bizarre with Bunny on Squirrel action, in walks Gary Busey!

This week Entourage opened with the boys joining Eric on the walk to his new office he set up for himself. A bad section of town, a folding table and a sad looking plant and boom - the rest of the boys know E can't work like this.

They head off to a fancy furniture story where a beautiful attendant (you KNOW she's showing up half dressed in Vince's place later in the episode!) shows them a desk that Mickey Rooney sat at in a movie and was once owned by Robert DeNiro! Vince HAS to have it for E! $45K and it's his! (What I wouldn't do with $45 just to throw around. Heck, what I wouldn't do with $4K just to throw around!). Oops - the desk is already purchased - by whom you ask? Gary Busey of course! The boys are off to see the Buse and try to buy the desk from him.

While all this is happening downtown, up in Ari's offices all hands are on deck. Mary J. Blige is on her way and it's a VERY big deal for everyone. A set of twins who work in the office may be Ari's downfall as they just can't get along. Turns out - one slept with the other's wife! Ari has to fire one and goes with the numbers, not the man and fires the "nice" twin named Jim.

E is making calls up and down Hollywood to get his name out there and his new Management company going, no one knows who he is. To all of Hollywood, Vince is represented by Ari! E calls Peter Jackson's company to try to get Vince in on Jackson's new video games. Before E can even hang up, everyone in town (Ari and Shauna included) know what he's trying to do. Shauna hooks him up with a person at Variety who wants to do a feature and E is thrilled.

The boys arrive at Gary Busey's house and he's as strange as ever. He is willing to hand over the desk but he has need for a new subject for his painting. No, not Vince. He wants to paint Drama. No, not a painting OF Drama, a painting ON Drama! Always willing to take one for his boys, Drama steps up and Turtle and Vince look on as Busey throws, drips and brushes paint all over Drama. The desk is theirs! Oh, one little thing. The desk won't fit up the stairs or in the elevator of E's crappy little office. Son of a!!!

Mary J. Blige is finally in the house - hey - where is Jim? Yup, newly fired Jim was Mary's favorite staff member and now he's gone, and so is Mary J.!

The boys take E to see his new desk, set up in a fancy office. E lets them know it won't fit in his office and Vince chimes in with - it's already there! Yup, every guy now has their own office in a row in a new building. They are all together again. Poor Eric - he'll never be out on his own will he?

Oh, don't feel too bad for Eric, he got a special phone call immediately after. Peter Jackson (who, by the way, dancing around in motion capture spandex for a video game was HILARIOUS) tells E not to worry about the Variety article (which spun E's job as nepotism) and that his assistant should contact E's assistant to get this thing going!

Yeah, I can't wait to watch E's hiring process for an assistant!

Until next week - keep hugging it out!

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