Friday, August 31, 2007

Call All Your Dunderhead Friends!!

The time has come! was busting at the seams with news from "The Office"!

Going into the new fall TV season, we thought it might make sense to break open a new branch of TheTwoCents specifically for our fans of "The Office" on NBC!

So, here we are! TheTwoCents Branch "Office" is born!

We will be looking for YOU to make this branch work. We really want you to share your TwoCents with us about "The Office". We will continue to post Office items on the main TheTwoCents, but more will be detailed here!

It's all here at TheTwoCents Branch "Office"!

We are open for business, so come check us out. Also, since we don't use advertising, it's ALLLLL you guys when it comes to getting the word out!! Post us on every message board you find for "The Office"! Post Bulletins on MySpace and Facebook - get the word out there. Let's see how powerful we can make our own Branch Office!

We need YOU to leave comments on the news stories, interviews, fun links and stuff on the main page.

We need YOU to really get the Forums up and rocking!

We need YOU to try out our minimal chat room (we'll go professional version if people start to like it!)

Get the pattern here? WE NEED YOU!!! :)

TheTwoCents Branch Office should be your next stop!

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