Monday, August 13, 2007

"Entourage" Recap & Review - "The Young and the Stoned"

"The Young and the Stoned"
Original Air Date: August 13, 2007

Our boy Eric starts off the episode driving around looking for a new house that Turtle has no idea how to give him directions to. Apparently, with the advance check Vince received from "Clouds" they found a fancy upon fancy new dwelling in which to dwell!

While attempting to find the right road - BAM - E is hit from behind. Who's face is in the rearview mirror? Anna Faris. E isn't allowed to approach her though because she's only wearing a towel since she forgot a change of clothes at pilates class. (If I had a nickle for everytime that happened to me!). Anna gives E her number so they can square up insurance info later. E returns to the house believing there was a 'moment' between them, the boys don't believe him and when he tries the phone number - yup - wrong number.

Meanwhile, the cable guy is supposed to be coming to hook up the cable and we all know waiting for that guy is an all day event - how does Turtle plan on passing the time? Getting high of course. However, the magic weed is gone! All out! It's "extinct". Vince has a secret stash and Turtle heads off to the grocery store to buy the makings of a Drama special lunch. Turtle runs into a nice looking young lady who is having a party with friends of her own, who Turtle picks up for their party! (Of course she says no to Turtle, but yes once he mentions the magic word - "Vince"). The ride home is eventful as Turtle (who had taken the week with him because he didn't trust Vince and Drama not to start without him - good call as when they sit down to talk Vince says "I've got nothing") gets pulled over for blowing a stop sign and is forced to throw the weed into the sewer. Turtle, always the shrewd one, placed it on a ledge and returned to get it after the cop had left! The party rocks and everyone has a good time.

E goes and finds Anna's house through Star Maps and offers her a ride to a meeting. The meeting? For a movie called "Brown Eyed Girl" which E had Vince pass on. He tells Anna what he really thinks and she calls him later to thank him. She asks him to dinner. After a flirty appetizer and a few drinks Anna gets a call - from her boyfriend.

So, you're saying to yourself - "KP hasn't mentioned Ari yet!". No worries. This was a Mr. & Mrs. Ari story arc! Mrs. used to play the 'town whore' on "Young & The Restless" and was asked back for a small story where she seduces a former student. In the office Lloyd shows Ari a picture of the student - a Latin heart throb named Javier. Ari runs to the set, begs Mrs. not to do the kiss, she refuses. He goes to Javier's room and offers him "Ugly Betty" if he forgoes the kiss. He does, Mrs. Ari gets mad, kissing him anyway. Ari admits to being jealous - was a nice little moment of marital bliss. :)

E returns to the already partying boys and girls to tell them all - it wasn't a date, Anna wants him to be her manager! Vince seems .. what's that? .. JEALOUS!

Only 3 episodes left my friends, so until then - Let's hug it out!

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