Monday, August 20, 2007

"Big Love" Recap & Review - "

Big Love
"Take Me As I Am"
Original Air Date: Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stacey - Staff Writer

When Barb finds out from a newspaper that her mother (Ellen Burstyn) is getting remarried – she goes to confront her. In what seems like a total over reaction, her mother refuses to see her and even talk to her – I don’t understand this. I guess it can be likened to a deeply religious family rejecting their child who has come out with his/her gay lifestyle – but for some reason the don’t see/don’t talk stance seems like a huge over reaction. Barb is obviously tortured by it and viewers get another glimpse of her inner conflict over her lifestyle, especially when it means losing her family.

Frankly, I’m ready for Barb to make a move. Just leave already. I know she loves Bill, but I think he’s being a jerk. He’s overly concentrated on work and his family is falling apart. Take Sarah for instance. Her boyfriend Scott has given her the whole “I can’t deal with the ‘virgin’ thing, so I’m going to sleep with my x-girlfriend and whoever else I want to sleep with” speech. Sarah is crushed as she struggles with her parent’s life choice and her aspirations for her own life. Like she says to her dad while dancing at Barb’s mom’s wedding “there is nothing you could say to me about life and relationships that I would listen to.” OUCH! I actually felt badly for Bill except that he didn’t seemed phased by this statement. What kind of father hears this from his obviously struggling child without reacting or at least being affected????

It seems like Bill’s lack of awareness goes further than with his own family and children. Bill is completely unaware of the danger brewing with Alby and The Compound. As Alby keeps his father drugged, he hears from the Greens that is was Bill’s suggestion to attempt to kill Roman. Of course we know this is a lie, but Alby thinks it’s the truth. He tells Nicki that vengeance will reign down on this family and offers the solace of the Compound if she wants to come back to them. As Barb and Bill return from the wedding, they find snakes in their bed – obviously placed there by Alby.

As I sat and watched this episode, writing notes as I went along, I found myself rolling my eyes and feeling like the “drama” is tired. I’m sick of the conflict with the Compound and the business deals with Weber gaming. I’m done with it. It feels stretched or fake or something – I don’t really believe Alby’s new rise to power and willingness to keep his father drugged while taking over his position. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea – this story line. Maybe I’m more inclined to be drawn toward the relationship drama and storylines which make the other stories boring – who knows. Bottom line, I want more from Bill’s character when in comes to his family and less when it comes to work.


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