Monday, August 27, 2007

"Big Love" Recap & Review - "Oh, Pioneers"

Big Love
"Oh, Pioneers"

Original Air Date: Sunday, August 26, 2007

By Stacey
Staff Writer

Okay, big season finale things – Alby will remain in charge of the UEB and the Compound. After Adaleen brings Roman to Nicki’s to get him away from Alby and his wife’s drugging, Bill sends him back, fully recovered, to claim the leadership position again and support Bill and Weber Gaming. Although, when Joey brings Roman back, Alby has the police waiting to arrest Roman. Next season will prove to be a constant struggle between Alby and Bill.

Also, Anna is back. After Bill dumped her, Margene brought her back into the family as a friend. Seeing Anna and Bill together sends Barb into a panic – she finally draws a line in the sand – I have been waiting all season for this. She starts by outing the family to the neighbors – then she states to bill “I am thee wife or nothing, I have to be number one and that’s it.” Yeah for Barb.

Interestingly, all three wives seemed to assert their individuality and strength in this episode. Barb with her line in the sand saying “I don’t want a forth.” Nicki also yells at Bill saying she has sacrificed so much for this family and it’s time for Bill to sacrifice. She won’t let him get Roman and Alby thrown off the council. Most shockingly, Margene really asserts herself in this episode. She decides to be a surrogate mom for the neighbors. She also decides to be assertive about bringing Anna around to the house – even given her history with Bill.

We’re left wondering if Anna is going to come back next season – is Bill going to date her? Is Barb going to be forced to leave Bill or support the possibility of a fourth? How come when we think about Nicki and Margene dealing with Bill dating, it feels fine but when we think of Barb, we feel sorry for her, like it’s cheating? Strange.

On another note – the children are split. Ben has embraced the polygamist lifestyle fully, He says, “I have faith in dad and in this family. My sons and daughters will be born into polygamy and they’ll be happy.” Sarah on the other hand decides to “let go of all of it” by sleeping with her boyfriend. As Sarah leaves the family ideologically, Ben almost cements himself to their lifestyle forever.

To sum up my opinion of this episode, and the season in general, is that I have lost all respect for Bill. He seems more and more disconnected and uninterested in his ever growing family as they all struggle deeply with their feelings about the family. Bill himself sums it up the best when, sitting at his family picnic, his business partner asks him what he’s thinking about and he says “business.” Somehow, even given Bill’s lack of involvement, his family stays together. There’s something stronger keeping them all there, something other than Bill. My biggest hope for next season is that Bill will step up. This season has left me sadly disappointed.


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  1. Could someone tell me why Roman is arrested? I don't understand what the policeman says at that time.

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