Friday, July 27, 2007

"Supernatural" Recap & Review - "Tall Tales"

Tall Tales
Original Air Date: Thursday February 15, 2007

[Submitted by Jenny D]

Hey everyone, it is Jenny D with my recap of last night’s Supernatural episode “Tall Tales”. This is a fun episode that explores a lot of weird.

It starts on a college campus where a dirty old man professor stops to talk to a coed outside his building. She said she was a student and was waiting for him. They go up to his office where she confesses she is not a student. The professor is a little too full of himself professing his celebrity status on campus. They kiss, and her face rots. He stops and backs away. As the security guard locks the building, the professor does a nosedive into the stairs outside the building.

We fast forward to Sam and Dean arguing about nothing in their motel room. Sam is working and Dean is eating chili cheese fries on Sam’s bed. Bobby shows up to help them. They start telling him about the professor that died and that the building he fell out of is rumored to be haunted.

We have a flashback to Sam and Dean at a bar. Once again, Sam is doing the work and Dean is messing around. In Sam’s version, he interviewed to students who told them about a girl who killed herself after a professor she was having an affair with broke it off. Dean was found drinking shots with a trashing looking girl who almost lost it all over the bar. Dean stops the story to tell his version. This time, the girl was classy and they were discussing the urban legend. Sam interrupts and begins blah blahing. Very funny how they show the two perspectives and how realistic they make Sam’s and how far fetched Dean’s side is.

Sam and Dean check out the building and find out nothing. There is no signs of a haunting, no history of a strange death, no evidence. But they do manage to see a guy getting beamed up by aliens. Or at least that is what they think. They interview the kid who was abducted. He told his story about being probed and being forced to slow dance to “Lady in Red”.

Sam and Dean talk to a frat brother of the guy abducted. They find out that he was a pledge master and he wasn’t too nice to his pledges. They feel like there is a connection between the two guys getting what they had coming. And there is one more. A guy who does experiments on animals gets eaten by something.

Sam’s computer is now missing and the Impala has flat tires. Bobby helps them figure out that they are not the ones doing this to each other; it is a Trickster running the show. They put two and two together and figure out that the security guard is their Trickster. We find him in his apartment sipping champaign. He can create anything he wants by thinking of it.

Sam and Dean go back to the building to “check things out”. It is a diversion so that Sam can check out the security guard’s locker. They end up arguing again, this time with an audience. The Trickster is watching them.

The guys split up and Dean finds a peace offering in the form of two half naked girls waiting for him. The Trickster is there. He tells Dean how much he likes him and Sam and he just wants to move on. Dean tells him he can’t do that. The Trickster thinks that he has come alone. Sam and Bobby come in; the fight Sam and Dean had earlier was all staged. Suddenly a monster with a chainsaw appears out of nowhere. There is a big fight and in the end, Dean stakes the Trickster, and all that he created disappears. He lays there dead as we see him come in and look at himself dead. The one they killed was a double.

Overall I would give this episode an A-. It explored some phenomena that Dean and Sam have never dealt with before. And I thought the stories from each of their perspectives were hilarious. See you next week!

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