Thursday, July 19, 2007

Potter Mania!!


12am Mania is about to him!

Tonight, at Midnight, Harry Potter will be available all over the place!

Now, I've done a midnight release thing before, for the Hasbro Star Wars action figures for Phantom Menace. It was insanity. I had people diving into bins to get the figures of characters I didn't even know! (Anyone want to buy a JarJar? I got like 10 thinking he looked cool.)

Anyway, Borders is hoping to make the madness special! Here are some of the things they are doing for what they are calling their "Grand Hallows Ball":
- Costume Contests
- Potter Spelling Bee
- The Great Snape Debate
- Limited Edition Posters
- Glow in the Dark Wands
- Harry Potter Themes Gift Cards
- Goodies such as Harry Potter Candies and more...

We will have a first-hand report this weekend!!

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