Monday, July 9, 2007


That's right! It's finally here!

Week one of "The Office" Summer Scavenger Search has finally arrived!

Your chance to prove you are the biggest "Dunderhead" on the internet and in the process take home some GREAT prizes!!

We're happy to announce that the weekly winners will receive a Froggy 101 sticker just like the one you can see on Dwight's filing cabinet on episodes of "The Office"!

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER's stash just got bigger too! (That's what she said). We've already announced that the Grand Winner will receive a TwoCents Mug, a copy of "Call of Duty" video game (the game the Stamford Office always played), and an official Dwight Schrute Bobblehead! Being the week one host, I'm going to throw in a TwoCents magnet to the pool! And trust me, it doesn't stop here, more will be added in the coming weeks!

So, in case you're not sure what ALL this is about, you can read the official info/rules HERE.

Now, on to it! Below is your WEEK ONE TASK LIST! Remember you will find ONE answer on EACH of these sites, including right here on TheTwoCents!!

(Your replies to each item must include the website you found it on! Each site can only be used for one answer in the list and each question is specific to one site.)

1. One of these sites has a series of pictures of John Krasinski with Mandy Moore at The Sauce. How many pictures are there of them both together?
2. According to an interview on one of these websites, what five American movies would Karly Rothenberg (“Madge”) show someone who has never seen a movie before?
3. One of these sites has Andy Bernard’s Oompa Loompa song’s exact lyrics. Copy and paste them into your answer.
4. In a radio contest Brian Baumgartner (“Kevin”) was in a “How many M&M’s can you hold in your mouth contest”. According to a conversation one of these sites had with Brian, how many M&M’s was Brian able to put in his mouth?
5. One of these sites has a weekly fan art post, and one post features a fan who was asked by the show's producers to draw Dwight's "mugshot" for "Women's Appreciation." What is this fan's username (not real name) and was his or her drawing used?
6. One of these websites features an office fan asking another office fan out to the prom with a special gift. What is the gift and what does this gift say?
7. One of these sites had an admin meet a member of the cast at the Kentucky Derby Parade. Who was the cast member?
8. On one site, "Office" writer Gene Stupnitsky, who co-wrote "Traveling Salesmen," claimed that one particular strategy utilizing two Office characters in that episode, was his favorite to write. Who were the two characters?
9. One of these sites has scans of Steve Carell from a recent People Magazine. What animals are featured in one of the pictures with Steve?

BONUS QUESTION! On the main page of the OFFICIAL webpage of the Office Convention in Scranton, what color is the post-it note that says “Office Related Stories”? (You can get links to the official Convention page off many of these 9 sites).

Submit your answers this week to

(All entries must follow all the rules or they will be considered void)- Only one entry per person/per week
- Residents of the Continental U.S. do not pay shipping for prizes. Hawaii , Alaska and International entries will have to pay for the shipping if they win.
- Hunters may only win once, but may participate in as many weeks as desired for fun.
- All e-mail entries MUST include full name, city/state, e-mail and phone number. (Your full name and personal information will not be released.)
- This contest, and sites included, are in no way associated with creators of “The Office”, NBC or any of its websites/affiliates.

Next Week's Host is:,,,,,, Flonkerton, The Office LiveJournal Community, and

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