Friday, July 20, 2007

"The Office" Repeat Recap & Review - "Ben Franklin"

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Name: Hayden _TOC
Office Site:

This episode is one of the best of Season 3, maybe because I thought the next 3 episodes after this one were not so good. Suprisingly, Michael actually had an appropriate idea of what a bachelor party in an office should consist of. But leave it to Packer to take over his brain. Dwight was hilarious while ordering the stripper. He knew exactly what he wanted. I did not buy Roy 's talking head about not being into strippers, when Pam said he was really focused on HIS OWN bachelor party in Season 2. Just another sad attempt to get Beesly back in his arms. Michael's first lap dance was hysterical, he had no idea what to do. The lap dance scene shows many expressions from several characters. Bob Vance: embarrassed; Michael: excited, nervous; Ryan: disgusted; Philip the rarely seen warehouse worker; aroused? I don't want to know.

I really hated the Jim/Karen moments during this episode, because it shows a big drop in their relationship. The Pam/Karen moment felt very weird and I did not like it.

Why did Dwight make the stripper answer calls while Ben Franklin roamed free in The Office? Is Dwight intimidated by founding fathers? And if Jim had hired SpongeBob Squarepants, would he have tried to hit on Pam? Many, many questions, but all in all, this was a fair episode. Creed was being Creed, Angela was showing why she always wins the "Tightass" award, and Michael....well, lets just hope his son can take off a woman's bra one day.

Favorite Moment: Dwight spanking himself.

Favorite Quote: Jim: Have you ever seen a stripper before?
Dwight: Yes. Jennifer Garner portrayed one on Alias. It was one of her many aliases.
Jim: Yeah, me neither.

Overall Episode Grade: A-

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