Tuesday, July 31, 2007

News Flash!! People on "The Office" Are Funny!!

Ok, maybe it's not news to those of us Dunderheads!

But Premiere Magazine's website has a new photo gallery/article about the top 20 new faces of comedy!!

Some familiar faces to US!!

Jenna Fischer (Pam)
"Hollywood has bigger plans for Fischer: The actress is already committed to The Brothers Solomon, the faux rockumentary Walk Hard, and a role in Quebec, a film about two grocery-store middle managers fighting over a promotion. And future job prospects shouldn't be a concern for Fischer; her directorial debut, Lollilove, about a Hollywood housewife's attempts at charity, is a comic gem."

John Krasinksi (Jim)
"Krasinski interned at Late Night With Conan O'Brien before becoming primetime TV's sexiest everyguy on The Office, so his comedy cred isn't in question. The unassuming star who‘s made an art of raising eyebrows as Jim on The Office will go highbrow later this year with the George Clooney–directed romantic comedy Leatherheads and his own directorial debut, Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, based on the amusingly anthropological short-story collection of David Foster Wallace."

Ed Helms (Andy)
"Knocked Up director and all-around comedy kingmaker Judd Apatow told Variety that Helms is a national treasure, even though 'the nation does not know it yet.'"

Amy Adams (Katie/Purse Girl)
"Adams's comedy coronation came with her Oscar-nominated appearance as the touchingly peculiar and pregnant Southerner in the 2005 dramedy Junebug."

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