Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Maty's Movies - "Live Free or Die Hard"

"Live Free or Die Hard" is not your average summer movie blockbuster.

Now I’m not saying this film is built on a foundation of substance. This isn’t Merchant Ivory’s Live Free or Die Hard, but it does do a beautiful thing… it is a worthy tribute to the original.

So lets talk about the plot, on second thought … lets not. This is not a flick with a really original or interesting plot this is a flick where the action is relentless and the one-liners are like comfort food.

John McClane is back in a situation he doesn’t want to be in but that won’t stop him from shooting up tons of bad guys purchased from "1-800-Henchmen". On top of that John McClane is one of the only action heroes in the modern era to actual reload his gun. Yeah, we’re looking at you James Bond!

This movie is an exciting ride that never slows down. The stunts were breathtaking, the jokes all worked, and the director, Len Wiseman, does a beautiful job of giving you new and exciting shots of the action that made me think repeatedly ”how did he get that?”

It was fun and a good time for anyone looking for some classic action film yah yahs. Knowing that this film knows exactly what it is I give it an: A

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