Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"John From Cincinnati" Review/Recap - "His Visit: Day Five"

His Visit: Day Five
Original Airdate: Sunday July 15, 2007

[submitted by: Kathy]

John from Cincinnati.
Jesus Christ.

Fans of The Green Mile will recognize the John Coffey-esque character that sees into your mind and heals your soul. JC makes his latest appearance in Imperial Beach, a run down southern California surf town, and finds the Yost family in desperate need of salvation.

I was having a hard time accepting the growling, gravelly-voiced everything-over-the-top matriarch Cissy, played by Rebecca DeMornay, until Sunday’s episode # 6, John’s 5th day in town. When she remembered (via John) doing so much acid that she gave her 13 year old son Butchie… um… a hand when she caught him ... well ... he was 13, you can imagine what he was doing … WOW who saw that coming? John explains to her that she pushes her family away because of her shame and it’s time to stop being such a bitch. Yes Cissy's life will get even harder but baptize that handgun under the tap and let your 13 year old grandson finally meet his porn-star mother.

This episode was well worth the wait. Nothing is ever fully explained initially and it takes 1-2 weeks to understand a previous reference. The characters are slowly revealed and each week someone new shows up in IB (overuse of this awful acronym was thankfully dropped this week). I keep thinking I missed something but on review of each episode on demand, it’s not me. “Some things I know and some things I don’t know.”

John’s out-of-body experience draws everyone to the motel courtyard in a trance like state and he delivers cryptic messages from his Father. The entire monologue is available here starting with: "If my words are yours, can you hear my Father? Can Bill know my Father, keeping his eye on me? Can I bone Kai and Butchie know my Father instead?”

We’re boning now, Kai.

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  1. I got my eye on you. I got my eye on YOU. I got my eye on you Bill. What do you want Butchie Yost?


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