Monday, July 16, 2007

"Entourage" Recap/Review - "Dream Team"

The Dream Team
Originally Aired: July 15, 2007

A Snoop cameo delivers news that the Medellin trailer was leaked on YouTube! (Note: you can watch it HERE). The dynamic between Billy Walsh and Eric really helps Billy’s character work. When Billy blames E for the leak we FINALLY get to see E take Billy down. Literally. He tackled Billy through a table! Go E!

Next, the boys show up at Ari’s who spreads the news that the trailer on YouTube has Hollywood talking! With all studios interested, Ari is only interested in one. One that will also buy “Lost in the Clouds” the project E pitched to Ari. He also informs his boys that a reviewer wants to do a story on the three brains behind Medellin.

Ari pays a visit to Dana Gordon (callback!), she already has a name attached to “Lost in the Clouds” – Heath Ledger. Heath is represented by Josh Weinstein (another nice call-back to previous seasons.) Ari and Lloyd unleash their master plan to sink Heath and Josh and boy oh boy does it work. Ari plays Josh with the ease of Billy Joel sitting down to play Piano Man. The pairing of Ari and Lloyd makes for such great television and this time it ends with Lloyd ordering shots he calls WOOWOOs!!

Brian Grazer everone! Cameos left and right tonight. Ari’s sabotage works, Heath is off the project! However… so is the director and now “Lost in the Clouds” is stalled. Backfire! Ari starts to work his magic.

Vince convinces both Billy and E to show up for the interview and to behave. What does Billy wear to the interview? A t-shirt with SUITS SUCK on it. The man is the buster of all busters! The interview goes well, on the surface, as E and Billy lob hidden insults at each other the whole time. Once the reviewer leaves, E and Billy nearly throw down outside the restaurant. Billy rips off his t-shirt revealing his full-back Medellin tattoo. The guy is a psycho! Vince makes E drive away. E relishes in the fact that in six weeks, this project will be over and he’ll never have to see Billy again.

This ep’s story for the C-3PO and R2D2 of the show had Johnny and Turtle trying to procure a specific trucker hat to help Drama’s new ‘age down’ plan. Drama acting younger = comedy. Drama: “It’s the key to me landing the cover of Tiger Beat.” You can only buy the hat at a medical marijuana location. You can’t shop at this store without a card (prescription) and the plan has begun. Turtle brings Drama to a guy (Guest-star Bob Balaban) willing to offer a prescription to get into the establishment and get Drama the hat! Hat and prescription in hand the boys are set. Drama is a BIG hit back on the set. However, it’s not Drama that the gang wants to hang out with; it’s what he can bring from the store. I really don’t like major drug storylines in Entourage, so this week’s Drama/Turtle adventure left me somewhat uninterested in it.

As E and Vince drive through L.A. E’s cell rings – Ari! He sold the movie, and got E on as a producer. How? The “Dream Team” (TITLE!) plan. Vince stars, E produces and….. Billy directs!

Overall Episode Grade: B-

Until next week – let’s hug it out!

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