Monday, July 23, 2007

"Entourage" Recap & Review - "The WeHo Ho"

The WeHo Ho
Original Air Date: 7/22/07

When we last left the boys, E was driving away in panic after Ari informed them that he sold their new movie project with Billy Walsh directing.

Cut to this Sunday where E is still in panic mode with Vince. E won't work with Billy. Vince is sure that Billy would direct the hell out of "Lost In The Clouds". As much as I think Billy Walsh's character adds spice to Entourage, I'm not sure I want a whole new story arc with him in it. Let's try to find some new stories shall we?

Drama and Turtle set off on their own adventure again, but this one I can get behind - Sports Collectibles! Turtle's cousin, Ronny (Played by the guy who was "Edgar" on 24), has a sure thing investment plan. Ronny's father is a huge Sandy Koufax fan and is certain Sandy is about to pass away. The plan is to purchase a game-worn Koufax jersey at a sports memorbilia auction, which will become much for valuable after Koufax passes away. Drama refuses to give over any money, until Turtle won't let him use the auction paddle. Drama's in. Ronny is now out! He can't do this to his father's memory of Koufax. Many $$s later, they won the jersey. Drama (in a newly purchased Lenny Dykstra jersey) go to pick up their new prized investment. The auction scene had me rolling as Drama wouldn't dare to lose this competition! Reminded me of the Cosby Show episode where Cliff is bidding.

Back at Ari's office his newest perspective client is waiting in his office. Ari isn't informed because Lloyd is in the dumps, because he's just been dumped - by his boyfriend Tom. Ari is nothing without Lloyd. But Ari's new client? Yup - Billy Walsh. Ari convinces Billy to make up with E so they can make the film. E and Vince show up, Billy apologizes, tells the story of how the "Medellin" trailer was put on the web by an editors jealous girl and calls E family to him. Let's make a movie. That all being settled - Ari runs off to fix Lloyd's life.

Ari drives to Tom's office (Finishline Shoe Store) and upon hearing stories of Lloyd cheating, makes up his own story to get Tom back for Lloyd. Lloyd DID cheat but Ari covered him. My favorite line of the night? Lloyd refers to himself as gookie and Ari laughs Lloyd snaps don't laugh! Ari simply says "Sorry, gookie is funny." A beautiful piece of non verbal humor was that the entire time Ari is telling Lloyd about his adventure with Tom, Ari is holding a bag with new sneakers he obviously bought from Tom.

As we come to a close, E informs Vince and Ari that he still doesn't want to work with Billy (who has little by little continued to insult E) and pulls himself from being Producer and back to manager. As manager he informs Vince to still not do the movie because he thinks Billy has peaked. Vince disagrees and will do the movie anyway.

Oh, by the way - Sandy Koufax isn't dead, but his dog was. Good call Cousin Ronny!

The Boys of Entourage score a B+ from me this week mostly for Ari's antics. Anytime Ari is running with his cell phone out it's a good show.

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