Monday, July 30, 2007

"Entourage" Recap & Review - "The Day F*ckers"

“The Day F*ckers”
Original Air Date: July 29, 2007

After a breakfast discussion that E is unable to have unemotional sex, the boys take a walk down the street (in a beautiful long continuous steadycam shot like you would expect from an Aaron Sorkin show) and in the process of the walk arrive at a new bet. Drama believes Turtle can score before E. Vince takes the bet and the two pairs are off and running!

Vince and E take the class route of parading E around with a movie star at a fancy pool club, while Drama takes Turtle to an Internet cafe to surf Craig's List. As soon as Vince and E sit down, drinks are bought for them and the buyers, two lovely British ladies walk over to chat. Vince soon leaves with Juliette (played by Sophie Monk who, if you recognize her, was in "Date Movie") leaving E to chat with Heather (played by Emma Lung who popped up in "House of Wax"). Just as E starts to get the courage to flirt with Heather, who walks by? Yup, Sloan. Old flames die hard don't they?

Finding an Internet ad on Craig's List for a cute cuddly 20-something, Turtle makes a call and meets a woman named Kelsey at a parking lot to get sized up. Kelsey likes what she sees (including squeezing Turtles stomach, making him giggle like the Pillsbury Dough Boy) and gives Turtle her address. But first she wants him to pick up some dry cleaning.

E and Vince arrive back at their apartment after E can't close the deal due to the presence of Sloan. They run into Drama trying to zip Turtle in to a pink nightmare. It's a bunny suit, sort of like the one in "A Christmas Story". Apparently, Kelsey has a think for animals! Since E wants to call Sloan instead of going back to Heather, the bet is off and Turtle is saved.

On the balcony E calls Sloan. Was that an iPhone E was using? Could anyone tell? Anyway, Sloan is, of course, seeing someone. BAM! E is changed and out the door to meet Heather in her hotel room. The Bet is ON!! Drama grabs Turtle's costume and away we go again!

Turtle arrives at Kelsey's house and can't get do it. Drama takes his place and the closing scene is something you need to see for yourself to believe.

Meanwhile, Ari and Mrs. Ari are on their mission to get their son into the prestigious Day School their daughter goes to. Dan Castellaneta (does he sound familiar? He's Homer Simpson) is the school's director and finally breaks down after Ari tries everything. Including getting karate kicked by a kid in public school and trying to get blackmail info from a private eye (played by William Ragsdale of "Herman's Head" fame!). Ari is in tears when he arrives at the director's home to beg and through a little barter system for Castellaneta's character's "Special" son, Ari's pride and joy will be getting the best education money can buy! The Ari dance that ensues is the greatest moment of the show.

So, what happens next? Does Drama keep the suit? Did E go through with it with Heather? Who is Sloan with? Will Lloyd ever find out who Paula Poundstone is and why Ari thinks they dress alike? And what is so "special" about the school director's son?

We shall see. In the meantime, as always, let's hug it out!

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