Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ABC Finally Gives Us A Conclusion to "The Nine"

Starting August 1, "The Nine" will be back to air the rest of its season. Starting with an episode called "Turning Point" and running for six consecutive episodes to the Season/Series finale on September 5th.

"Turning Point” -- Eight of the nine are brought to the District Attorney’s office to relive the security guard’s murder, Kathryn is offered an endorsement by the Mayor for District Attorney, and Lizzie becomes aware of the relationship between Jeremy and Franny.

“The Nine” stars Lourdes Benedicto (read her TwoCents & Five Questions) as Eva Rios, John Billingsley as Egan Foote, Jessica Collins as Lizzie Miller, Tim Daly as Nick Cavanaugh, Dana Davis as Felicia Jones, Camille Guaty as Franny Rios, Chi McBride as Malcolm Jones, Kim Raver as Kathryn Hale, Scott Wolf as Jeremy Kates, Owain Yeoman as Lucas Dalton.

Recurring: Tom Verica as Ed Nielson, Jeffrey Pierce as Randall Reese.
Guest cast: Joshua Malina as Tim Marley, April Grace as Andrea Williams, Alex Fernandez as Mayor.

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  1. Ooh so excited about this! I really liked the show and I hated how they left us hanging.


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