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The Office Conference Room - "The Coup"

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Another week, another repeat, another session of The Office Conference Room!

Of course have added yet another ALL TIME question to this list this week and it's a fun one!

We want to know your top 3 all-time favorite Michael & Dwight moments! Read the list of the reviewers below, and then head on over to the forums to give your TwoCents on this topic!

Be sure to check back often as we add new reviews throughout the day!

The Coup
Original Airdate: Thursday October 5, 2006
After Jan busts Michael for declaring it's "movie Monday," where everyone watches a movie instead of working, an upset Angela pushes Dwight is into making a play for Michael's job. Meanwhile, Pam internet shops and has a fashion show at lunch and Jim plays video games and gets killed again and again in virtual reality.

Everyone in the Conference Room - NOW!

Name: KP
Office Site:
Review: The man who was put on this earth to protect Michael Scott of course would be the perfect one to take him down! Shady phone calls in the parking lot, advice from his 'better' half (I guess Angela would be the better half in that relationship - yikes), diner meetings and a LOT of syrup. All these are ingredients to a very fun episode where Michael's credibility takes a shot at the hands of Dwight. We had great performances all around on the major story lines from Michael to Dwight to Jan. Of course let us not forget that Stamford spent the day playing Call of Duty! Ending with Jim "shooting" Karen as he left the office, the first glimpse we got of Jim showing interest. The ending where Michael confronts Dwight is genius. Makes the episode. The real interesting part is Michael isn't that upset until Dwight makes fun of the Seabring! Man, Michael loves that car!
Favorite Moment: Dwight groveling at Michael's feet.
Favorite Quote: Andy: "Saboteur! I'm going to kill you for real. This game--- the game is over. I'm really going to shoot you."

Overall Episode Grade: A-

Top 3 All-Time Michael & Dwight Moments:
- Michael going to get Dwight at Staples
- Dwight talking to Michael and his extra head on Halloween
- The Fight

Name: Adam Tidwell
Office Site:
Review: This is probably in the top three of the most "unique" episodes of the series. The feel of this episode is way off compared to others. I was trying to get a co-worker to watch the show, and this was the first episode he saw. ... He never watched the show again. In my opinion, the comedy in this episode is the darkest of the series. And with that comes more love every time you watch it. For me, dark comedy always starts off a little weird and ends up amazing. After I watched this episode for the first time, I was in a mini state of shock. But now, I love love love it. The cringe-worthy-ness really comes to a head when Michael confronts Dwight, and you can all but watch through your fingers when drool is running down Dwight's chin. Now, the episode is probably in my top 10.
Favorite Moment: The fact that Dwight's refusal of the Sebring is what pushed Michael over the edge is perfect!
Favorite Quote: Michael: "I haaaave a laundry machine!"

Overall Episode Grade: A

Top 3 All-Time Michael & Dwight Moments:
In no particular order:
1) Dwight and Michael raising the roof, and Michael correcting Dwight, telling him that's "Not the way I taught you!"
2) Dwight talking to Michael/Michael's 2nd head in the Halloween episode.
3) Michael and Dwight at the hospital in The Injury

Name: Fancy New Beesly
Office Site: Fancy New Beesly on MySpace
Review: This was a great episode that I'd completely forgotten about until they re-aired it. I loved that we got to see Pam in something other than her normal Pam clothes. I liked seeing that she was going to make an effort to have a social life outside of work. I think that this episode made me accept Ed Helms into the life of The Office. His confrontation with Josh & Jim in the conference room in Stamford had me in stitches! "I am going to shoot you for real." Dwight & Angela were fabulous in their Macbethian plans to make Michael lose his job. Hearing Jan was wonderful too & I remember being so excited that Melora Hardin had been made a regular on the show.
Favorite Moment: Michael passive aggressively manipulating Dwight into confessing to him on his knees & begging his forgiveness at the end of the episode. I thought Steve Carell deserved an Emmy for that scene alone.
Favorite Quote: "Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!"

Overall Episode Grade: A

Top 3 All-Time Michael & Dwight Moments:
1. "Basketball" in season 1:
Michael: And you would follow me to the ends of the world! Like that dwarf from Lord of the Rings...
Dwight: Gimli.
Michael: Yeah, NERD, that is why you are not on the team.
2. "Halloween" in season 2:
Dwight: Who is he saying? No, Michael. Not me. Not. Dwight. Tell him to stop. Make him be quiet. QUIET YOU!!!!!
I loved that moment because the camera work was so much a part of the humor in it. Dwight was dressed up as the evil emporer from Star Wars & the profile shot of him talking to Michael's puppet head made it look like just that & Rainn Wilson lowering his voice to match the sound of the emporer's seriously makes me laugh every time.
3. "Branch Closing" in season 3:
The entire scene with them inside the car outside of the CFO's house reminiscing about the good times at Dunder Mifflin in Scranton. That scene had me in tears. It was WONDERFUL!

Name: Elyse
Office Site: Life in the Office
Review: "The Coup" will always hold a special place in my heart because it has two of my favorite Season 3 moments in it: the Fashion Show, Fashion Show, Fashion Show at Lunch! and the Jim/Karen paperclip grenade. While I am and always have been a diehard JAMmer, I also like Karen and I thought that little moment was absolutely adorable. Plus, the Jan/Dwight scenes are pure brilliance.
Favorite Moment: The two mentioned above, plus "Hug it out, b----"
Favorite Quote: "'Hug it out, b----.' That is what men say to each other after a fight. They hug it out, in doing so they just let it go, and walk away, and they're done. Not a good idea to say that to a woman, however, I've found. Doesn't translate." Michael

Overall Episode Grade: A

Top 3 All-Time Michael & Dwight Moments:
1. Buying the Condo
2. Halloween with the talking head ("What's he saying, Michael?")
3. The Return
(This was a REALLY hard question! I think my answer would change every time)

Name: Ted_TOC
Office Site:
Review: This is a rock solid Season 3 episode that shows how far Dwight is willing to go to succeed at Dunder Mifflin (and how much control Angela has over him!) and advances the Karen - Jim romantic storyline. Michael gets into major trouble for Movie Mondays and we are greeted with Kevin's great synopsis of the teen flick Varsity Blues. We see Dwight's inner battle between his devotion to Michael and his devotion to Dunder Mifflin when Angela talks to him about approaching Jan. I love anytime Angela and Dwight talk at the office because they never actually face each other - I'm sure if they had to talk face to face they couldn't keep a straight face. Dwight gets Jan to meet with him at a diner and Dwight's creepy knowledge of Jan's taste in clothing lines is revealed, but we are also treated to his voracious attack on a plate of pancakes and waffles. After the meeting, Jan tells Michael of Dwight's disloyalty and Michael constructs a ruse to trick Dwight into thinking that he actually got the promotion. This is one of the best parts of the whole episode - Michael seems so proud of himself and how he is able to deceive Dwight - that is until Dwight tells Michael that the Sebring is ridiculous. Other hilarious moments include Karen executing Jim's Call of Duty character at point blank range and her joy that follows, Andy and Josh going off on Jim for using a sniper rifle, and Jim tossing an imaginary grenade at Karen as he leaves and her tossing paperclips into the air to simulate the explosion. The latter is probably my favorite Jim-Karen moment of the whole series. Overall this was a good episode with some great lines, strong storylines, and no major dull or uncomfortable moments.
Favorite Moment: Jan and Dwight's entire meeting at the diner: Dwight proclaiming how he will fix the Scranton office, telling Jan about all the shopping options in the area (and her looking intrigued), devouring of the feast he orders, and Jan pretending like she is actually considering promoting him.
Favorite Quote: Dwight: "Ever since Michael dumped Jan for Carol, Jan's been bitching out on him. Reject a woman, and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also, weak arms."

Overall Episode Grade: A-

Top 3 All-Time Michael & Dwight Moments:- Anytime Dwight and Michael make a video together (Diversity Day, Lazy Scranton, video for Michael's unborn son)
- Dwight goes with Michael to buy the condo in Office Olympics
- Michael takes Dwight to the hospital for the concussion in The Injury

Name: theofficefan
Office Site:
Review: This review I will talk about how much this episode is related to my "Office" experiences. Similar to Movie Monday, we have watched movies during lunchtime or after work.. and occasitionally we'll watch some funny youtube videos that have been "forwarded like it's HOT" . Similar to how Angela and Dwight keep saying their boss is incompetent and that Dwight could do a better job, I've definitely heard gossip like that, but without any action (unfortunately!) How about the other branch playing video games at work? Yea we've passed around stupid mini games around the office like "Line Rider", if any of you have heard that. And flirting between coworkers, definitely seen that.. I liked the playful moment at the end when Jim throws a grenade and Karen plays along and scatters her staplers like her desk blew up.. and yes I know everyone likes Jim and Pam, but let's face it, there was a moment.
Favorite Moment: When Jim doesn't know what he's doing in the video game and is stuck in a corner. Karen helps him turn around, teases him, then shoots his face off.
Favorite Quote: Kelly: "Fashion show! Fashion Show! Fashion show at lunch!"

Overall Episode Grade: A

Top 3 All-Time Michael & Dwight Moments:
- Michael makes Dwight wear the Liar sign
- Dwight negotiates with Michael on doing his laundry after returning from the Staples Job
- Michael and Dwight duke it out at the dojo

Name: Lauren
Office Site: Flonkerton
Review: I had this odd and unsatisfied feeling the first time I saw
"The Coup", and sadly after watching it again tonight, I'm still left with that feeling. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great moments: Dwight and Angela scheming to take over the branch, Kelly's "Fashion Show" chant, Jim's ineptitude at video games, Michael letting Dwight think he's the new regional manager. But this episode is rather disjointed; I don't feel like I'm watching one show, more like I'm
watching three different shows mashed together. This is also only the second episode with Jim in Stamford (I mean physically, therefore I'm not counting "The Convention") and I already sorely miss the dynamic he adds to Scranton. I feel like I'm being negative so I want to emphasis that there really are some great and funny scenes, but the overall episode, for me, is weak.
Favorite Moment: Josh and Andy chewing out Jim about his Call of Duty playing. Jim's face just cracks me up the entire time.
Favorite Quote: Dwight - "Reject a woman and she will never let it go, one of the many defects of their kind. Also weak arms."

Overall Episode Grade: C

Top 3 All-Time Michael & Dwight Moments:
I don't know about all time, the three that come to mind:
* Michael and Dwight's conversation in Michael's office in "Halloween," when Michael's pretending to talk to the paper-mache head.
* Michael and Dwight "sending up accounting" in "The Carpet"
* Them going to the CFO's house in "Branch Closing"


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