Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday Memories... "Kids Incorporated"

Ok, it's Tuesday, but I ran out of time yesterday!

In this week's installment we're going to talk about Kids Incorporated! Come on, you remember it!

Here's the original opening sequence:

For those of you who don't know, yes, that's THE Stacy Ferguson - Fergie. Also in there, notice the one hit wonder Martika! And Renee Sands was with Fergie in their first band Wild Orchid!

So, if I remember right, they worked in this diner type place where they put on concerts to full houses and possibly solved mysteries through song, but I may just be making that part up.

There are a ton of of clips on YouTube from this show. The cast was like Menudo, always changing.

Here's the 85/86 opening (getting rid of the goofy looking guy). How about the opening from 1988. Here's a gem from 1991 - look at the cast! Love Hewitt (didn't go by Jennifer yet I guess) and Eric Balfour (yes, Milo from 24!) I had NO idea he was in it. Apparently the show was still going in 1993 and I have no idea who these people are.

We can see Fergie, Martika, Love, Eric and everyone else (and Mario Lopez as the backup dancer/drummer) and the gang singing songs such as; Let's Hear it For The Boy, Straight Up, Living on a Prayer and so many more.

So, do you remember this show? Want to share your TwoCents about it? Head over to our FORUMS and get the ball rolling!

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