Monday, June 18, 2007

Jenna Fischer Checks In

Jenna finally posted us a new blog!

She talks about getting better from her back injury, the friends that help and more!

"Hello MySpacers and Dunderheads!
My parents were at my cousin Bob's wedding this weekend and told me that my Uncle Rich really misses my blog. So…this one is for Uncle Rich.
I wanted to write and thank you all for your Get Well wishes. I am at home in Los Angeles now. I'm doing very well. Your prayers and good thoughts must be working because the doctor said my back is healing great. I am not in too much pain anymore so that is good. I'm still a little creaky. I can drive - but only short distances. And, I can't quite tie my shoes yet. I get sore and have to rest in the middle of the day. It hurts if you touch it. But, I can sit comfortably for the most part. I can eat in restaurants and I made it to Bed Bath and Beyond last week. So, I'm happy.

My elbow is another story. (I also tore a ligament in my elbow during the fall and it is not doing so great.) It is still very tender. I'm hoping for some good news next week when I see a specialist...."

Click HERE to read it all.

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