Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Deadliest Catch Finale

Last night Discovery Channel showed us the last episode for the season of "Deadliest Catch".

Ships caught in ice, too many crabs for the hulls, dead crabs, homecomings, greenhorns becoming men, we had it all!

I won't ruin the surprises of final numbers or shares per boat because I know a lot of people have this on DVR or wait for the marathons they show all the time.

However I do want to talk about the Time Bandit's problem being stuck in the ice. Did you see the look on Captain Johnathan's face? I think, on a MUCH smaller scale, it's like that feeling you have when the road ahead of you is totally covered in ice, your car is fishtailing at 3mph and there are cars skidding out all along the road. That sense of real intense concentration. Of course, I'm sure Johnathan would have given anything to be in a car in an ice storm at that time.

Per your requests, we'll cover the entire next season of Deadliest Catch here on TheTwoCents!

While waiting, try the Discovery Channel's "Oregon Trail"-type Deadliest Catch Game! It's intense.

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  1. i love the deadliest catch when will it come bock on tv


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