Thursday, May 10, 2007

Want to Own a Band?

And, do you have at least 1.5 mil in your bank accounts?

The pop band "Rednex" is for sale. Yup, the whole band. You can have them play "Cotton Eye Joe" to your heart's content!

According to, you can buy them and they are actually yours!

"It's a first - even for show business! A successful pop band with dozens of international Top 10's and No.1's in over 15 countries is actually for sale. And we don't mean for sale as in, "hire them for your next festival". No, we mean completely for sale as in:
- the buyer gets it all:
The Music - the Trademark - the Band
The Tour - the Record Deals - the Web Site
The Record Releases - the Plans - the Contacts
The Contracts - the Styling - the Catalogue
(all previous hits and recordings)
And of course… ... the opportunities… ... the future..."

So, for more details head over to the site, or look them up on eBay and they could be yours!

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