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"The Office" Finale TwoCents Contest!

In celebration of the Season 3 Finale of "The Office" on Thursday night, wants YOU to bring home a going away present!

This contest couldn't be more simple!!! You simply email us your TwoCents about the below question and you're entered!

Of all the emails, one entry will be picked at random and that person will win a Dwight Schrute Bobblehead from the NBC Store!

Three other entries, selected at random, will get TheTwoCents magnets for your desk, fridge, filing cabinet, wherever!

So here is what we want to know!

"What is your favorite moment from "The Office" this season?"

That's it. Just answer and you're entered!

All Emails will be posted in the Comments of this post for everyone to read.

Some rules:

-United States residents only, cannot ship internationally. (Sorry, however, our international friends should feel free to leave comments about your favorite moments anyway!)
-Only one email entry, per person, will be entered in the drawing.
-Emails must contain your full name, City/State, email address and day time phone number.(Email Address, phone and full name will not be posted in the comments.) (If you do not see your entry in the comments by the end of the day you submit it, make sure you included all this information or it will not count as a submission.)
-Keep it clean!
-All emails must be received by 7:59pm EST on Thursday May 17th.
-Winners will be announced in the Finale Special Edition of "The Office Conference Room" on Friday May 18th.

Check back often as comments are added to this post! See what our friends' TwoCents about this season are! Also, be sure to look for a very special "The Office" Two Cents & Five Questions With... interview on Thurs! And as always, keep checking for their Finale "Funtivities" too!


  1. My favorite moment so far was Pam's confession after the coal walk!
    Janelle K, PA

  2. Creed's reaction when Dwight asks him to fashion a vampire stake in the episode "Business School"

    Rachel B, AZ

  3. I will have to say my favorite moment was when Michael and Dwight were testing the drop from the roof of the building by dropping the watermelon. It was just so bizarre and hilarious! I love the show!

    Patrick M,FL

  4. My favorite moment from The Office so far this season has to be when Michael comes to Pam's art show and tells her how much he likes her drawing. I think this is a good representation of Michael's good side; he's the best when he's unaware of what he's doing. Also, he manages to bring some happiness to Pam with that moment and I think it leads to Pam having a little more confidence in herself.

    ~Cithara P, NC

  5. My absolute favorite moment from The Office S3 has to be Pam's speech at the end of "Beach Day." It has been great to watch her grow as a character over the course of season three - she's been working slowly and surely to be more brave, more assertive. Confronting everyone like she did was such a great endpoint for that character arc. I love that she made it not just about Jim, even though the bulk of it (and the best part of it) was about him. It was a great payoff to the "Fancy New Beesley" storyline and incredibly well-delivered by Jenna Fisher. Such a great moment, absolutely my favorite of the year, hands-down. Fancy New Beesley is my hero!

    Victoria S, TX

  6. my favorite moment was when creed described the roy attack to angela.

  7. My favorite part of The Office season three was, by far, Pam's speech in "Beach Games." I was incredibly proud of her for finally being honest toward her fellow workers and especially Jim. Her sentiments definitely echoed those of the fans who have been crying over the lack of Jim/Pam this season. After I saw that scene, I couldn't possibly love a show more than I love The Office.

    Kirstie J, CA

  8. My favorite moment this entire season is the episode where everyone in Stamford is playing CALL OF DUTY. Jim says he's using the sniper rifle and Andy says, "I'm going to kill you for real!". For some reason, that entire episode slays me, but that part specifically is what does it.

    Nicole C, RI

  9. My favorite 3rd season moment was when Andy plopped into the lake in
    his sumo suit during Beach Games, then could be seen bobbing in the
    background of Michael's talking head scene.

    Maggie M, ME

  10. Hands down, my favorite moment was Dwight's impersonation of Jim.
    Why? Because he was Rainn being Dwight being JIm! Genius!!!

    Rachel W, MA

  11. I know everyone is going to pick the moment when Pam made her speech from the episode "Beach Games" and don't get me wrong that's probably one of my favorite moments too but I thought I would chose something that always makes me laugh and that I could watch over and over again. With that said my favorite moment is from the episode, "Beach Games" at the very end when everyone is in the van singing The Flintstones theme song. I always enjoyed moments when the whole cast or majority of them were together doing something. Whether they were in the conference room reading "Threat Level Midnight" or taking bets on there other employees, those moments of them together always make me smile. Anyways thank you for reading my entry and giving me the opportunity of winning my very own Dwight Shrute bobblehead. =)

    Sincerely yours,
    Tracy M, CA

  12. By far, my favorite moment from season is definitely Pam's coal walk/speech in Beach Games. There were so many hilarious and just all around great scenes this season, but this scene... She finally said everything we wanted her to and it was just such a releaif to see her tell everyone how she feels about the way she gets treated. Also the walking on hot coals symbolism was amazing.

    Andy D, MI

  13. Creed snatching the fish out of Lake Scranton.

    Ashley M, MN

  14. I have loved so many moments this season (faxes from the future, Jim being Dwight and vice-versa, etc.... to name a few), but I think my all-time favorite would actually have to be Pam's confession from the other night in "Beach Games." I was watching with a few other people, and all of us clapped and cheered. It was really inspiring to see her finally work up some real courage. Even though she's a fictional character, I am so proud.

    Kayla Z, IL

  15. My favorite moment of this season was when Jim and Pam hid Andy's phone and kept calling it. Then he punched that hole in the wall. That was the best!

    Heather M, GA

  16. Tie for me:

    Jim as Dwight/Dwight as Jim

    I just can't pick one!

    Cara T, Ohio

  17. my favorite moment from the show this season has to be when Jim dressed and Dwight and then at the end Dwight dressed up as Jim. i never laughed as hard as i did at those moments And when Jum send Dwight the Gaydar. I love the chemistry between those two. you can always count of them to make you laugh.

    Tiffany J, nj

  18. My favorite Season 3 Office moment (so far!) has been in Safety Training, when the office folk were betting on everything, especially on how long Kelly would talk. That was ingenious!

    Stephanie M, CA

  19. I would have to say my favorite Season 3 moment was the season premier’s tag when Dwight gets “Gaydar” from Jim and he tests it on Oscar only to find that he comes up positive also.
    I laughed so hard and so long, my sides hurt.

    Moe K, MD

  20. My favorite moment from this season (there are way too many!!): when dwight sends jim the gaydar and he uses it on oscar and then himself!

    Sigourney W, CA

  21. I know it's cliche but my favorite moment HAS to be when Pam finally confessed how she felt about Jim and the way things were. We waited on this for A WHOLE YEAR and when it finally happened I was jumping about and gasping - it was just an amazing moment!

    Kristi F, GA

  22. Question: What kind of bear is best?
    Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

    Jim pretending to be Dwight had me on the floor, practically... but
    Dwight being Jim and "looking" at the camera KILLED me.

    Jennifer K, CA

  23. Favorite Moment from THE OFFICE this season:

    I know this may seem obvious, but I would have to say Pam's speech in the newest episode "Beach Games".

    Her speech is everything I think she should have said. A couple of episodes before this I was thinking to myself how I wish she would just freak out one day and just tell everyone how she feels, including Jim. I was hoping she would just tell him how much she misses haning out, talking, how he was her best friend and how she has feelings for him. And she did!!! Also, I was also mad that no one showed up for her art show and I was soo happy when she brought that up. It was a great scene, it did not look rehearsed at all! It seemed so real, speaking from the heart. I loved this scene, it kept me on the edge of my seat.

    Amanda S, Pa

  24. Without a doubt, I am most pleased with Pam's speech from the recent
    episode /Beach Day/.

    There are so many moments to pick from this season, with hilarious
    pranks and bizarre relationships [Dwangela moments are impossible to
    forget], but I've been wanting Pam to speak out for so long and stand
    for herself; it was a moment that was necessary and long overdue. I've
    really loved that the writers have been building her up in this way.
    She is probably my favorite character in that she is likable, funny,
    creative and incredibly human. It's so easy to relate to her,
    especially if the viewer is soft-spoken and overlooked, or in a poor
    relationship, or stuck in a rut but trying to pursue your dream. It
    inspiring for me personally to see her finally speak up and call people
    out on how they've been treating her, and confront Jim on their [as of
    now kind of nonexistent] friendship/relationship.

    /The Office/ is one of the funniest shows on television today, but I
    love that they can also pull off touching, inspiring scenes as well.

    Maggie L, Kentucky

  25. My favorite moment from this season was from the second to last episode. Pam's speech after walking over the hot bed of coals was amazing. It was a perfect moment, completely realistic. She didn't spout her feelings poetically, and Jim didn't jump up spontaneously and whisk her away. She just realized what she wanted say and went for it, and then left it at that, left it for wherever Jim wanted to take it.

    Pam has become more inspiring than a fictional character ever should be.

    Caragh P, MA

  26. I love Business School, especially the scenes with Michael and Ryan -
    "Let's get our friz on before class"
    "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"

    But also love Jim being Dwight & vice versa, Jim & Pam 'breaking Andy's brain' in 'The Return' & Michael hiding from Andy - "He's always up in my bidness"
    Finally, Michael & Andy dancing around the new guy in 'The Merger' and singing Haddaway's 'What is Love'.

    Sorry I know that's more than one but tere's too many to choose from & I'm from the U.K., so can't win the bobblehead anyway :(


  27. My favorite office moment of season three has been Pam's coal walk and the confession that followed. It definately rivals Casino Night as one of the best Jam moments ever!

    Hannah M, NC

  28. My favorite office moment from this season is the cold open when Dwight receives the fax from "future Dwight" (aka Jim of course!). When he knocked that coffee out of Stanley's hand, I never laughed so hard!

    Christine L, FL

  29. Tough call between the frontal attack on Dwight supplied by Jim or the alarming rendition of The Rainbow Connection by Andy but I'll have to go with the surprise slap in Traveling Salesman. I can't count how many times I had to rewind that just to see the priceless looks on both Dwight and Jim's faces! It was still making me giggle days later when I would picture it. Hilarious!

    Janet B, MA

  30. Of course this season had many ingenious moments; it's The Office, and the people there could never let us down!

    Two of my favorite moments were when Andy and Jim sang "Lovefool" by the Cardigans (now that song is a Top 25 Played contender on my iTunes), and when Michael marked his date during Christmas. The exchange between him and Jim afterwards was both endearing and hilarious.

    On the romance-front (excluding Jam and Jaren), I also loved the parts where Michael and Jan had that tension-filled talk (and make-out session) in Back from Vacation, and when Dwight and Angela made-out in the office and Jim saw it. Priceless.

    Nicole G, CT

  31. My favorite Office moment this season was Dwight protecting Jim from Roy.

    Jordan T, FL

  32. I'm torn here. The Pamfession is way up there but for my favorite funny moment ... I'd have to pick Angela's, "I've already told you, the company's official policy is apologetic, so I don't know what you want from me..." or something along that line. I really love how Angela's been developing this season!

    Ann S, MD

  33. Change. This is the word that describes Season 3 of "The Office". So much personal and change for all the characters. Michael got dumped by one woman and then he dumped another. Jim moved to Stanford and then back again with a new girlfriend in tow. Oscar came out, made some money and probably would like to go back into the closet. Phyllis got married and got an eyeful of 'IT'. Creed revealed so much more of himself(used to make fake IDs, likes to 'hang brain', will do anything to keep his job, can catch fish with bare hands). Pam made lots of crucial mistakes but learned more about herself. Dwight fell in love. Angela fell in love. Both became almost human. Andy lost his temper and found his human side. Ray lost his temper, his mind and his job. So.much.change.

    My most favorite scene (still!) is from the episode "Back from Vacation".
    The moment that allows us to see Dwight finding Pam crying in the hall was touching, sweet, funny and vulnerable. It was a sudden surprise scene that the writers are fond of giving us right when we're not ready for it. It showed that chivalrous side of Dwight trying to comfort Pam in his best clueless way. Ready to kick ass on to whomever did this to her. It shows that Dwight does indeed care about his fellow workers. And it shows Pam at a very low, weak moment knowing for the first time that she made a mistake by turning down Jim. And how her heart was breaking.

    Brilliantly acted.
    Brilliantly written.
    Brilliantly filmed.

    This scene is a perfect example as to why "The Office" remains as the finest show on television in 2007.

    Karen E, TX

  34. my favorite moment was during "grief counseling" when creed came in and asked if michael new how ed truck died. creed went into this elaborate story on how ed truck was decapitated, then creed said "you know you can
    live for 6 hours without your head." dwight responded with "i thought that was a chicken?" and creed made the best comment and replied, "what'd i say?"

    so funny!!

    Lindsay H, CA

  35. My favorite office moment of the year? The kiss heard 'round the world...Michael and Oscar.

    John K, Illinois

  36. definately, pam walking over the hot coals by herself without the need for anyone else to be around.
    i enjoyed this even more then the speach she gave afterwards!
    she is becoming her own person..go pam!!!

    lisa m, va

  37. The scene between Michael and Jan in Michael's office during "Back from Vacation" was my favorite.

    Julia D, CA

  38. When we found out that Creed is operating a fake ID company in
    "Cocktails." It cracks me up every time.

    Jessica P, FL

  39. Thanks for having a contest like this!!

    I have lots of favorite moments, all involving Pam, who is the heart of the show.

    My favorite has to be the latest moment she has at the end of "Beach Games" when she tells Jim the truth about why she didn't marry Roy, as well as confronts other office issues like people ignore her, etc.

    My second favorite is her bird eulogy when they're burying the dead bird outside the office.

    My third favorite is when Michael tells Pam how much he likes her watercolor of their office building.

    I love ALL Jim/Pam scenes, especially when they pull pranks on Andy and Dwight, but I'd have to vote for the Pam scenes above for my favorites.

    Lisa E, TX

  40. My favorite scene of Season 3 would have to Pam's art show. I felt so sad for her that no one showed up after she was so excited about it. I wanted to cry for her, then Michael showed up at the end and was so amazed and inspired by her art. I literally cried because he seemed to really care. I loved it that he hung up her drawing of the office building in the office.

    April H, TX

  41. There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many fabulous moments from this season. There is one moment that always makes be double over in laughter every time I watch it. In Traveling Salesmen, when Jim and Dwight go out on the sales call together and Jim Slaps Dwight.

    Jim: After you sir.
    Dwight: No thank you, I never let anyone walk behind me. Seven out of ten attacks are from the rear.
    Jim: Ok, well, that still leaves a 30% chance that I will attack you from the front.
    Dwight: Uh, yeah, but it will be easier to stop. I can always block the blow. I can counter it with... [Jim slaps Dwight]

    I literally cannot even think of that moment without smiling. And even better is how they close the sale together, each using their own tactics and you can see they really are an amazing team.

    Tara K, NY

  42. I know this is really off-the-wall, but...

    My favorite moment was from Ben Franklin. Angela comments that bringing in a male stripper would be inappropriate and Meredith yells at her, "SHUT UP, ANGELA."

    Lisa E, KS

  43. My favorite moment from this season would have to be when Michael was telling the ladies of Dunder Mifflin about his relationship with Jan. "Jan says anything that doesn't scare us is not worth doing. I don't know. Maybe we're different people. I like cuddling and spooning and she
    likes videotaping us during sex. And then watching it back right
    afterward to improve my form. The worst part is that she shows it to her therapist and they discuss it." Steve Carell is such an amazing actor. The fact that he can even say lines like that without breaking character boggles my mind.

    Crystal M, Arkansas

  44. My favorite moment from “The Office” season 3 has got to be Michael’s shenanigans in Phyllis’ Wedding. Too good!

    Lori R, MS

  45. My favorite Season 3 moment: When Jim comes to the office as Dwight and begins quizzing Dwight about bears. I loved it when Jim said: "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." The look on Dwight's face was hysterical!

    Amanda C, IN

  46. Creed's talking head in GWH "I’m not offended by homosexuality. In
    the 60s I made love to many, many women – often outdoors in the mud and the rain – and it’s possible that a man slipped in. There’d be no way of knowing." Just the first of many great Creed moments this season.

    Andy W, GA

  47. I think my favorite Office moment is when Angela did the talking head in the mall and said how "some people" have to buy kids clothes and since the ones at Gap Kids are too flashing "some people" have to go to the American Girls store and buy clothes for large colonial dolls.

    I mean, wow. That just takes the cake right there. Actually a lot of that episode has some of my favorite moments. Like the whole food court scene and Meredith driving them there. Oh, and Creed saying "The guy was just hanging brain. What's the big deal?".

    I just love this show and can't wait for the season finale!

    Allison F, MA

  48. My favorite moment from "The Office" this season when Dwight pretended to be Jim and made his funny look at the camera that didn't look anything like Jim's do.

    Paige M, Idaho

  49. “Beach Games”:

    We have watched the evolution of the “Fancy New Beesley” all season long. She finally walked through fire (LOL) and came through the other side a new woman, ready to say what she needed to say. And she did! Watching that look on Pam’s face, and then seeing her run over to the “tribal council”, I was exhilarated!!! And then to confront everyone and then to confront Jim……she was so honest and yet still totally Pam. It made me happy, and for a show that is mostly all about the humor, the fact that my favorite part was dramatic, says a lot. The Office can truly do it all.

    Sarah H, Texas

  50. My favorite part of Season 3 was Dwight "saving" Jim from Roy by blasting him with pepper spray.

    Charles H, TX

  51. From the "Gay Witch Hunt" episode when Michael tells Oscar he is cool with his lifestyle and then says they should get a beer some time so Oscar can tell him how he 'does that to another dude'.

    - Tom C, AZ

  52. It is so hard to just pick one but my favorite moment this season was when Kevin did his "Australian" accent when Kelly was trying to give them pointers at Customer Service!!!

    Good'day Mate!

    ~Wendy T, Ohio

  53. There have been so many wonderful moments in this season of The Office, but I think I literally cried this past week when Pam made her speech on the beach. She finally spoke out! She got it out! I think I literally rejoiced outloud on that one. I may have even jumped out of my seat, clapped, and shouted "Go Pam!" Without a doubt, a truly defining
    moment from this season.

    Jesse B, MA

  54. I was going to hands down say Pam's speech and yes, that probably is my favorite.

    That being said, I wanted to pick something else and give credit to a little early nugget in the season. I loved the phone conversation between Jim and Pam in Initiation. It was so great and such a wonderful reconnection of my two favorite people on the show. Karen was barely a blip on the radar at that point, Jim had only been in Stamford for five episodes, and it was all yummy. I had so much for them back them. So much. Then the crazy writers pulled my still-beating heart out of my chest and stomped on it repeatedly. Oh well, you can't get a reward without a little sacrifice, right?


  55. gotta be the kiss between oscar and michael - best moment ever!

    Israel Y, NY

  56. Sumo Andy floating down the river.

    Jessica S, Utah

  57. My favorite Office moment of the year has to be in Grief Counseling when Pam, Ryan and Kevin tell the stories of people close to them dying. Really well written, funny and just a fun scene.

    Barry K, PA

  58. My favorite moment is Michael in “ Business School ”. After Ryan’s depreciating introduction of Dunder Mifflin and Michael as a manager “unwilling or unable to change”, Michael gives a speech and question and answer session to Ryan’s class. Another student states, “By your own employee's calculation you will be obsolete in the next 5-10 years.” Michael is shocked and states “Wait, Ryan said that?” Their reactions are priceless. Michael’s rebuttal about business truly displays a David standing up to a Goliath. His response to Ryan in the car and office of “Business is always personal, it is the most personal business in the world"..."People will never go out of business” really shows Michael's values. To me, this is the most profound and heartfelt statement that Michael has ever made. This belief completely comes full circle when Michael goes to see Pam at her art show and is the only one that is truly proud and supportive of her. Michael might not be the most proficient boss in the world; however, he unequivocally shows respect, admiration, and compassion for Dunder Mifflin and all his employees in whatever they do in and out of the office and that really makes him the cool teacher.

    Michelle C, Pennsylvania

  59. I would have to say my favorite moment this season is when Ansy falls into the lake with the sumo suit on! I loved when everyone is asking where Andy is and they show him floatintg around the lake. What really got me was when he first fell in and Angela pretended to misinterprate everything he says to help Dwight. It was just so great!

    Ellen M, AZ

  60. It is insanely hard to narrow down my favorite scenes from this season to one specific moment but I would definitely rank Michael's "co-giving" Phyllis away in the episode entitled "Phyllis's Wedding" as one of the funniest ever. Him walking down the aisle with the wheelchair and shoving his way into the groomsmen lineup at the altar had me laughing hysterically for a long time. It still cracks me up thinking about it.

    Tommy T, Oregon

  61. My favorite moment was Michael speaking at Ryan's School on Business Day.

    Larry F, MI

  62. Michael: "Will they throw their hats, you think?"
    Ryan: What?
    Michael: Alot of times at a school or Naval academy after a rousing speech the crowd will throw its hats high into the air...
    Ryan: You DO realize nobody is graduating.
    Michael: Yeah, I know, I'm just saying if they did throw their hats I've got a great line for that. "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"

    Elissa S, Michigan

  63. Gee, there are so many good ones to choose from, but I guess I’d have to say my favorite one is the cell phone Jim and Pam play on Andy; the one that makes him go bezerkers. It was CLASSIC JAM pranksters, and gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe, hopefully, if all the stars align correctly and I hold my mouth just right, that they’ll eventually be together.

    A close second is the Dwangela make-out.

    Jill H, Georgia

  64. My favorite moment of this season is when Dwight took Ryan under his wing in "Initiation." There are just SO many funny moments of the two of them at Dwight's farm.

    Dwight: And just as you have planted your seed in the ground, I am going to plant my seed … in you.
    Ryan: I don’t think you know what you’re saying.


    Alexis M, Pennsylvania

  65. My favorite office moment from season three is during the episode the return when Jim and Pam hide Andy's cell phone in the ceiling and continuously call it until Andy over reacts and punches a hole into the half inch dry wall.

    Jon R, Ohio

  66. My favorite moment from this season of The Office would definately have to be when Dwight tries to imitate Jim. His imitation might have been horrible but I have never laughed so hard in my life!!!

    Heidi H, Michigan

  67. The scene in Traveling Salesman where Dwight gets smacked in the face by Jim!

    Cody F, TN

  68. It would have to be Jim and Pam teaming up to break Andy. Jim harassing Andy to the point he goes crazy and hits the wall and Pam's line at the end "I think we broke his brain".

    Karen P, LA

  69. Favorite scene of the season? Toss-up between Jim dressed as Dwight, Andy punching the wall, or Pam's beach speak...

    mike s, TX

  70. My favorite "Office Moment" this season would be the joyous smile on Ryan's face on the bus, as he sings "Meet The Flintstones." Aw, he's still a kid!

    Bob N, Wa

  71. I thought this contest was supposed to be easy. FALSE. It is not easy at all. How is one to choose just ONE favorite moment?

    I am going to pick the Dwight un-shun/re-shun from Safety Training as my favorite though. That was simply hysterical. LOVED it! (that's what she said).

    Tanya C, PA

  72. My favorite moment from this season was when Dwight was at David Wallace’s house for the party and his son woke up to find Dwight sitting in the rocker and calmly remarking “Oh good you’re up”. For some reason that cracks me up every time I watch it!

    Kimberly P, Florida

  73. My favorite moment is when Jim made Dwight think that he was turning into a vampire.

    Scott H, Washington

  74. "The Coup". Michael Scott's interrogation of Dwight on his return from meeting with Jan. I loved the whole bit about the dentist named Crentist and the offering of the peanut M&M's... "They're really good". My wife and I still quote Michael's creepy delivery of the line
    "I'm glad you're okaaaaayyy..." from when Michael feigns belief in Dwight's fake dental visit.

    Todd N, CA

  75. My favorite moment would have to be when Dwight talks about selling beets, "you put the best beets on top, the ones that make you pull
    the car over and say 'I need this beet right now'. Those are the
    money beets." Makes me laugh every time.

    Tyler W, TN

  76. Has to be the Meredith's head in a bag with a bat moment.
    Definitely- the head-bag-bat moment.
    Meredith's performance was spectacular. I could never put a bag on my head and scream like that!

    So that's my entry!

    Amanda R, VA

  77. The greatest moment on The Office this season was all of them. I can't imagine The Office BEING The Office without all of the quirky moments. Michael going to Pam's art show, Toby "killing" a bird, Poop raining from the ceiling, and Pam speaking her mind on Beach Day are just a few examples of WHY I love this show. I loved all the moments. Even Jim getting together with Karen. [Well, maybe not that one/and the one with Roy&Pam getting back together. uckk.]
    Okay, so my greatest moment that was on The Office was all of them. I'm sticking to my guns.
    And also, I hope to win the Dwight Bobblehead because mine just broke. =\
    That's it. Happy Finale Day!

    Melissa W, Ohio

  78. My favorite moment was::

    Stamford office.
    Squeaky chair.

    Jim sings love song to get back at karen who was trying to annoy him with rocking back and forth in the squeaky chair. She immediatly says "stop, stop this isn't fair...this is not a proportionate response." then they shoot to andy who is mouthing it and finishes the verse alone in front of the cameras.

    thank you.

    brittany h, ut

  79. My favorite moment from this season... There are too many. Any moments with Pam & Jim are the best! Yet, how can you top any scene with Michael (LOVED the entire episode where there was a flasher in the parking lot)?

    I love that Pam had a moment of strength after walking over the coals and told everyone how it is. I know it's only a show, but you kind of felt good for the character!! Like, "Way to go, Pam!!"

    Tova H,FL

  80. My favorite moment this season was probably when the Stamford people are fighting for the "good chair" because the squeaky chair is circulating. Specifically when karen is trying to annoy jim with rocking back and forth and jim starts singing "lovefool" by the cardigans.

    brittany h, utah

  81. I would have to say, and this is really hard due to the fact that there are SO many favorite moments of the season it is hard to choose, my favorite moment was from Last Weeks episode when Pam decided to walk over the hot coals and then run and tell everyone and finally let loose with her feelings, emotions etc. I know how that is and how good it can feel! I have always been like that, especially at work (and especially back when I was still in school!). At home, I am completly different, but when it comes to work and sometimes with my friends I am that girl. I know it just a TV show but I was SO proud of 'Pam" to do something so out there and brave for herself it warmed my heart and brought a tear to my eye!!!!! Plus also her having the guts to FINALLY tell Jim! Beautiful!

    Jennifer B, WI

  82. Without a doubt, some of my favorite moments were the Jim/Dwight impersonations of each other... and when the office was betting on EVERYTHING..particularly when they switched Creed's red skinned apple with a red skinned potato, and he still ate it.. LMAO.. but the moment I was on the floor laughing, was Stanley's priceless facial expression when he saw the watermelon smashed all over his car.. it was short..but man, I caught it, and was CRACKING UP!!!


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