Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two Cents & Five Questions With...

... Bobby Ray Shafer, Actor.

We all know and love Bobby as "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration" on NBC's "The Office"! The man who was able to get Phyllis to settle down!

Bobby has done a ton of work. Look at his profile on IMDb and you'll find appearances in projects such as; "Boston Legal", "Las Vegas", "The West Wing", "Becker", "Arli$$" and much more!

Bobby took some time off of his current project to help us celebrate the finale of "The Office" today and share his Two Cents & Five Answers! Enjoy!

TwoCents: "The Office" tends to really focus on so many different characters and the fans love every single one of them. What's it like to be one of such a great ensemble and be recognized as Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration?
Bobby Ray Shafer: It's like being part of a great basketball team that knows how and likes to pass the ball.

Recently I was shooting a scene and the entire cast was around Phyllis's desk and as I was waiting for my cue they all just absolutely NAILED a rapid-fire exchange and it was like great orchestral music and I was thinking, 'my goodness, just look at all that talent!' And I broke out into this big smile because I was thrilled to be a part of it. Then I heard my cue, got serious and went in to comfort my beloved who had so rudely been exposed to strange male genitalia.

As for BEING BV-VR -- it's a HOOT and I'm enjoying the ride. I never anticipated that BOB would be on hats and tee-shirts and hoodies etc., but I think everyone should have BOB VANCE gear, so go get some.

TC: What path led you to the show?
BRS: It was FATE and the 101 South. I auditioned for the casting director, got a callback a week later to read with Phyllis and the director, and well, here we are. Easy. HA!

TC: What do you find the most rewarding aspect of working on the show?
BRS: The camaraderie of the cast and crew and the recognition from my peers about the show and of course, the love and support from the viewers.

TC: Do you have any favorite fun websites you visit? And what fun websites do you think your Character would visit?
BRS: I visit some of the Office related sites. I enjoy the comments and the passion about the show. But ask yourself this (JAM!): How does a comedy get you with the soap opera? Now, THAT'S entertainment!

Bob Vance likes your basic refrigeration sites, especially VIKING. Ah, that stainless steel... what a beauty!

TC: What new projects do you have coming up?
BRS: Coming soon to DVD: a poker movie, 'ALL IN', an Elvis movie, 'THE HEADHUNTER', a murderous bride (NOT PHYLLIS!!!) movie, 'DARK HONEYMOON', and now I'm shooting 'STILETTO', a gangster movie with a great cast of tough guys. I'm a Nazi-meth dealer with a shaved head so I'm about as far from BV-VR as an actor
can get. But I'll make it back. And you know what? We'll always have Scranton...

TC: If someone were to climb off a desert island and only have time to watch five movies to learn what American cinema is all about, what five movies would you show them?
BRS: 'GONE WITH WIND', 'HIGH NOON', 'THE DEER HUNTER', 'E.T.', and 'PSYCHO COP RETURNS' (What the hell, I'll make 'em watch a silly one of mine.)


So there you have it, TwoCents from the man behind the refrigeration! A HUGE THANKS to Bobby for helping us celebrate today!

Keep checking back though! This isn't the ONLY Two Cents & Five Questions we will have today!!

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