Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Two Cents & Five Questions With...

... Josh Hoge, Musician.

Josh's music is a mix of style. His website states "The mix of pop and R&B featured on Hoge's 11-song debut with Epic Records, Call It What You Want, is one-of-a-kind." Whatever you want to call his music, it's fun! You can hear some of it or watch some video on his website or on his MySpace Page.

About to hit the road on a major tour, Josh took some time out to give some very honest Two Cents & Five Answers!

TwoCents: Please tell the Two Cents readers about yourself and how you got your start in music.
Josh Hoge: I am from a musical family so it was in my blood! Worked for a record company out of high school and then decided it was time to give the artist thing a try. It seems to be working a little. :)

TC: Tell us about your current CD and where your inspiration comes from for the songs on there.
JH: Inspired by my own relationship or life situations, and also friends' and families' stories. And of course girls!

TC: If you could go back in time and had been responsible for recording a song that is now legend, which song would it be?
JH: Probably "A Change Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke!

TC: What fun websites do you visit for your own entertainment?
JH: YouTube, Other MySpace Pages, and lots of porn. :)

TC: What new projects do you have coming up?
JH: Working on getting an album together and hitting the road in May for two months with Elliott Yamin!

*Two Cents Bonus Question*
TC: If someone were to climb off a desert island and only have time to watch five movies to learn what American cinema is all about, what five movies would you show them?
JH: Goonies, Lean on Me, Gladiator, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, The Italian Job. (I don't watch a lot of movies.)

So, run out there and support Josh on the road and at the record store! Go to his MySpace page and tell him you read about him here on TheTwoCents!!

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