Wednesday, May 9, 2007

TV by KP... "Traveler"

Networks are also starting to plug their new seasons for the Summer.

ABC will introduce
to everyone with a sneak-peek this Thursday May 10th at 10pm EST. The show will premiere for real on May 30th at 10pm EST.

I've seen an advance copy of the pilot episode and I can honestly say that I really liked it!

The show starts off with a bang! Action, rock music, a busy city setting. And that's just the first 60 seconds!

I'm a little worried about getting hooked on another serial-style program, because of that fear that it will be pulled out from under us (see "The Nine" and "Reunion"). But I think "Traveler" could make it, especially during the summer.

The show focuses on three friends who leave their Yale grad housing and head cross country on one last road trip before starting their "real" lives. The three friends Jay Burchell, Tyler Fog, and Will Traveler stop off in New York City to start the trip off right.

The use of flashbacks (a little LOST flavor for you) shows us these friends met when assigned to the same grad house. Jay (Matthew Bomer: "Tru Calling", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning") is a law school grad. Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green: "The O.C." and "24") has a father who happens to be one of the richest men in America and Will (Aaron Stanford: Pyro in "X-Men") is...well...he's a wildcard.

The action really starts when the three friends pull a small prank at one of the biggest museums in New York and by the end of the their silliness, are wanted by the FBI as domestic terrorists. How does this happen you ask? That's what Jay and Tyler want to know, they need to find Will to ask him. But... they can't. The bad timing of their prank and, oh, a big bomb that goes off in the same building helps though! Was Will the one who framed them? As they try to find out, they can't even find proof that the Will Traveler they know ever existed.

Welcome to "The Fugitive" meets "Prison Break".

The show will play on a bunch of "Whos Whats Wheres Whys Hows" in a viewers head. Who can they trust? Who really did it? Who is Will Traveler? Why were the other two framed? So many questions to keep you tuning in every week.

The show is directed by David Nutter who has defining work on shows like "The X-Files", "Without a Trace" and "Supernatural". It also stars Pascale Hutton ("Smallville"), Steven Culp ("Desperate Housewives") and William Sadler ("Rosewell", "The Shawshank Redemption", and "The Battle of Shaker Heights" with Shia LeBeouf!)

A highlight is the performance of Viola Davis ("Century City", "Solaris") as Agent Jan Marlow. I really look forward to watching her in this show.

You can watch the preview for the show on ABC's site.

"Traveler" is distributed by Warner Brothers and I will be adding it to my DVR for the summer. Come on, it's summer and you should outside as much as possible, but don't neglect the DVR!

KP Grade: B+

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