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The Office Conference Room - "The Job" (Season Finale)

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Well, it has come and gone. Bittersweet to say the least, wouldn't you say? I hope you enjoyed all the coverage we had yesterday on the show. Did you?

We have a conclusion to our thoughts, or do we? Where does this lead us? Where do we go from here, or more importantly, where do Pam and Jim go from here? That's the question!

Let us know what you think about that and anything else from last night's finale. Share you TwoCents about it in the comments!

We will announce the winner of our Favorite Season 3 Moments contest later today! Keep checking back for that and for updates to this post as more reviews come in!

The Job, Parts 1 and 2
Original Airdate: Thursday May 17, 2007
Michael, Jim and Karen go to New York to be interviewed for a job opening; in Scranton, the new regime institutes sweeping reforms; Jan comes in with exciting news.

"Conference room! Ten seconds! All of you!"

Name: KP
Office Site:
Review: Finally. I mean that. Finally. I mean, sure, asking someone out to dinner after already professing your love for them is a bit of a downgrade, but in a way, this is better isn't it? I mean, they finally BOTH have admitted they want to be together and all obstacles are gone. Are we worried that this could make the show less interesting? I don't think so. At least not at first. We will no doubt enjoy watching the dating of them. They will be quite a team again in and out of the Office now. Now on to the new physical attributes of the show! No, not those, I'm talking about Jim finally losing the wig! ;) Yes, of course Jan's new assets were quite a shock to us all, especially to Michael. Biggest shock? That it was Ryan on the other end of the phone at the end. WOW! Poor Kelly. What will her character do without Ryan? Hit on Jim? Creed saying "Swing low Sweet Chariots" holy cow, I laughed VERY loud. Pam's whole cliche speech was great as was Karen showing how she really felt about Pam. I really enjoyed Dwight's short reign cause it brought some great stuff from Angela, Stanley, Andrew and Pam. Awesome. Kevin rocked it with his project of Karen vs Pam! I hope they post that online. By the way, NBC now has CreedThoughts posted!
Favorite Moment: Pam's reaction back to the camera after Jim said "It's a date."
Favorite Quote: Pam: "I'm happy for him. I hope he gets the job. I really just want him to be happy. And I know that sounds cliche. And I know saying it sounds cliche, sounds cliche... Maybe I'm being cliche. I don't care. Cause I am what I am. [thinks] That's Popeye." (thanks to for having this up already!)

Overall Episode Grade: A+ (The + is for no more Jim Wig)

Favorite Season 3 Moment: The hug Pam gave Jim when he returns to Scranton.

Name: Sarah TOC
Office Website:
Review: Three words to describe this episode. Awesome Awesome Awesome. The episode started off a bit bumpy. I didn't really like Karen's description of Pam and I thought it was bit uncalled for. Michael and Jan's interactions were priceless and I really felt sorry for her losing her job, but I think she is really losing her marbles. Its very odd to see where her character has gone. In season one she was so straight laced and now she's loony. I can't wait to see how the relationship between her and Michael turns out in the next season. And the moment that made me hold my breath. I was started to get a bit disappointed as the episode neared it's end. I was afraid that Jim was in fact staying in New York, but the show didn't disappoint. The moment he peeked in Pams talking head and asked her to dinner I screamed with joy. Finally a JAM date! I can not WAIT to see where it goes and it was a perfect ending to a perfect show. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better we see a phone call and Ryan telling Kelly "you and I are done" Did Ryan get the job in NY? Will JAM finally get together? I don't know we'll have to wait see and I can't wait to find out!
Favorite Moment: Jim FINALLY asking Pam out!
Favorite Quote: "Are you free for dinner tonight?" Jim
"Yes" Pam
"Then its a date" Jim

Overall Episode Grade: J A+ M

Favorite Season 3 Moment: JAM Date, All of Jims Pranks on Dwight, Andy's Meltdown.

Name: Fancy New Beesly
Office Website: Fancy New Beesly on MySpace
Review: I want to know right now WHY the writers of The Office have not won any major awards...I want to know why Ugly Betty & 30 Rock wins things but The Office is always the underdog...I'm going to be a big snob & say it's because we're the smarter show. ;) But "The Job" was fantastic. It incorporated all of the great characters in it, accomplished SO much with character progression (Jan's freak-out in David Wallace's office!!), really did the unthinkable by shocking the living daylights out of me with the plot twists. I did not ever think that Pam & Jim would get together this season. Not at all. And what about Ryan??? I think the bits of him in New York next season are going to be gold. Dwight using Andy & then teaming up with Pam as his Secret Assistant Regional Manager was pretty much just hysterical. That's all I"m going to say because if you've seen the episode you know how phenomenal it was...if you HAVEN'T then you need to & see what an amazing show this is!!
Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was when Dwight asked Pam to be his Secret Assistant Regional Manager & she said,"Absolutely I do" exactly like Jim did in "The Alliance" in season 1.
Favorite Quote: "This is the opposite of shallow. This is emotional magnificence."-Michael

Overall Episode Grade: A++++++

Favorite Season 3 Moment: I've got to say that my absolute favorite this season was seeing Pam do the coal walk. I actually applauded,shrieked, & got tears in my eyes. It's what I'd been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: jenny
Office Website: MTT
Review: What a finale! OK, first, Pam and Jim. Yeah!!!! I'm glad she didn't back down from Karen after trying to apologize. I'm glad she wrote that note for Jim. I'm glad she got a date with a cute boy! And I'm glad Jim stopped being an asshat. Go Jim! As for Michael and Jan, I loved Jan's blow up at corporate and the fact that Michael stood by her as she left. He can be a doofus most days, but when the chips are down, he's always the guy you want to have in your corner. I couldn't imagine that office without him so I'm happy he didn't get the job. And the very end with Ryan? Wow. I'm guessing that was an editing job and David wasn't talking to Ryan. I wonder if Karen got the job and hired Ryan as her assistant. Either way, Jim and Pam are going on a date. Yeah!!!
Favorite Moment: Jim barging in on Pam's talking head to ask her out on a date.
Favorite Quote: "'s a date." No ambiguity during the summer hiatus! Thanks for clarifying, Jim.

Overall Episode Grade: A+

Favorite Season 3 Moment: Pam's speech -- I really think that was the climax of Pam's transformation this season and what a great moment for our Fancy New Beesly. Plus, it was a great catalyst for everything that has been building up this season.

Name: Elyse Moretti
Office Website: Life In The Office
Review: I completely wasn't prepared for all the things that happened in this episode, but I'm so happy everything played out the way it did. Excellent acting by John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Melora Hardin in particular. I wish we could have seen more of the supporting cast, but I understand the need to wrap up the season's major storylines. I loved the times when we did see the whole gang, such as the break room scene in which everyone teased Pam or the scene when the accountants admonish Michael for selling his condo prematurely. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the summer!
Favorite Moment: Jim finds Pam's yogurt lid-note (runner up: Pam and Dwight salute each other)
Favorite Quote: "Last year, Creed asked me how to set up a blog. Wanting to protect the world from being exposed to Creed's brain, I opened up a word document on his computer and put an address at the top. I've read some of it. Even for the Internet, it's pretty shocking." -Ryan

Overall Episode Grade: A

Favorite Season 3 Moment: Jim and Michael, A Benihana Christmas, when Jim consoles Michael about his 'breakup' and admits that rebounds can be fun, but then you're left thinking about the girl who broke your heart.

Name: Adam Tidwell
Office Website:
Review: It was the moment we've all been waiting for. JAM is now a reality, if not for just one date! I would expect high ratings for the Season 4 premier, considering everyone will want to know how the date went! I'm sure the boredom of summer will spring forth countless fanfics depicting what happens on their date. They never really said what happened to Karen, although I would assume she will move back to New York. Her only reason for living in Scranton was Jim, and she's been chomping at the bit to move back anyway. I really, really am scared to see her reaction to Jim... and Pam. Karen doesn't take things lightly. She's not going to take Jim by the hand and say, "You're really gonna date her? [Jim nods] Okay." And the imminent relationship between Ryan and Michael is going to be interesting. Ryan's ending scene with Kelly was classic. The grinning glance at the camera made it epic. Overall, a truly great episode!
Favorite Moment: Pam tearing up with happy tears for once!
Favorite Quote: That is Beardy.
Overall Episode Grade: A

Favorite Season 3 Moment: Pam's confession in Beach Games. JAM needed only a spark, and Pam was up to the task.

Name: Melody
Office Website:
Review: What a way to go out of season three. All of the threads that have wound their way through the season were tied up. We saw power-hungry Dwight get, at long last, the position he'd always craved, and then we saw him taken back down again. Jan's devolution from a strong, confident, serious woman of business was completed as we saw her implode like a drugged-up, puffed-out, neurotically "enhanced" dying star. Michael's got that which he craved for so long - Jan's complete devotion and attention - and is probably in need of a good new safe word. And while Dwight, Jan, and Michael were on their way down, others are on their way up. Ryan the Temp was humiliated and beaten down all season by his inability to make a sale, and now he is inexplicably everyone else's boss. Jim was stifled all season by the idea that he needed to be someone new and different, and it's clear from his revelations that he's on his way back for real this time. Finally, Pam's season-long journey from silence and self-doubt to incredible and fancy and new came to its peak as she assured the camera and herself that she was going to be strong and happy now. And who can resist strong, confident, playful Pam? Not Dwight, not me, and definitely not Jim. The viewers get to say goodbye to will-they or won't-they and say hello to emotional satisfaction. My only two complaints would be that I tend to not out-and-out enjoy plot-heavy episodes as much, and this one was heavily setting up for season four. Secondly, as a season-long defender and supporter of Karen, I feel downright stabbed in the back by her behavior in this episode. Et tu, Fillipelli?
Favorite Moment: The gold medal yogurt lid, Pam's talking head, "It's a date," Pam's expression of outright joy - yeah, that was amazing.
Favorite Quote: "Absolutely, I do."

Overall Episode Grade: A-

Favorite Season 3 Moment: Pam's speech from "Beach Games." Second place is Karen's "CALLOFDUTY!" from "The Coup."

Name: Step
Office Website: The Office LJ
Review: You can always count on The Office to have stellar season finales. And this matched Casino Night, at least for me, in terms of overall enjoyment. Just.. this episode. Wow. I have to start it off by saying Jim and Pam, FINALLY. The beginning of this episode was a continuation from Beach Games, where we saw that Pam is no longer the person she was last season, she is confident, she speaks her mind, and as she says, she is 'totally fine' without Jim. And I believe her. Fortunately for us, though, Jim realized that he isn't totally fine without Pam in his life. When he pulled out the medal, he knew who had been for them all of this time - even after a night of dinners in the village, Lorne Michaels, and bars. And the final scene? Oh, the perfection. And Pam's reaction said it all. I was too happy to speak.

As for the rest of the episode, it was comedy gold. Just a glimpse of a Schrute-run office made me realize how much I appreciate Michael, but at the same time, what a great regional manager Dwight would be - with Andy (I mean, Pam) in second in command. Too bad Michael's going to have to answer to The Fire Guy, now. And has to go home to Jan and her enhanced self (in stretch pants, no less.) And I know I'm not the only one who typed in, fake url it may be. Everyone was on top of their game, funny, and heartfelt. Absolute perfection, throughout the episode. I for one, can't wait till next season.
Favorite Moment: Jim pulling out the Office Olympic gold medal and the note. Just another reminder of why Jim and Pam just go so well together.
Favorite Quote: 'I'm sorry... what was the question?' -Pam I don't think it matters, Pam.

Overall Episode Grade: A+

Favorite Season 3 Moment: Pam's speech during Beach Games. It was the culiminating point in one of the most perfect character arcs to ever air on television.


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