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The Office Conference Room - "The Convention"

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The season may be over, but The Conference Room isn't!

Every week this summer TCR will keep coming back to review episodes of the season we haven't reviewed yet, or to give other fun info from our "The Office" friends across the internet.

We will have at least ONE bonus question each week and this week we ask the panel "Top 3 All Time Michael Scott Moments". We want to know YOUR answer! Go over to the FORUMS and list yours!

This week's installment is "The Convention" which ran last night in repeat.

The Convention
Original Airdate: Thursday September 28, 2006
Repeat Airday: Thursday May 24, 2007
After meeting Jan in Philadelphia for the annual Northeastern Mid-Market Office Supply Convention, Michael enlists Dwight's help in organizing a party in his room for fellow conventioneers. Meanwhile, Ryan and Kelly join friends out on a double date.

Everyone in the Conference Room - NOW!

Name: KP
Office Site:
Review: The beauty of this episode was watching Jim interact with some of Scranton again after being in Stamford. Watching him buddy up with his new boss, Josh, was killing Michael. I mean, come on, Michael loves Jim so much he once tried to copy his haircut! Of course we get some nice JAM drama as Michael speaks to Pam on the phone and says "Have a good time on the date" and Jim's face speaks volumes. Dwight and Michael set loose on a Convention floor was genius and we had a great example of the 'happy button' to end the show and Michael realizes he can still be friends with Jim - "Best Friends". Jim's confession to Michael makes you wonder, who are Jim's real friends that he has to confide in Michael? Where is his roommate for this stuff!?
Favorite Moment: Jim's reaction finding a 'hooker' in Dwight's room and really wanting to call Pam.
Favorite Quote: Michael: I love inside jokes. I’d love to be a part of one someday.

Overall Episode Grade: B+

Top 3 All-Time Michael Scott Moments:
His talk with Jim at the end of Booze Cruise
His moment with Pam at her art show
His hosting of The Dundies.

Name: Elyse Moretti
Office Website: Life In The Office
Review: I feel "The Convention" is one of the strongest episodes of Season 3, definitely in my top five. One of my favorite aspects was the Scranton/Stamford tension over Jim's transfer. I honestly felt bad for Michael when Josh and Jim shared their inside joke, or when Dwight pointed out he didn't have e-mail on his phone. Jim and Pam are still trying to move on, but we can tell that neither one is fully ready to do so. It was all about the little moments, such as when Jim stopped himself from asking about Pam, or Pam staring at Jim's old desk, or the way each of them clammed up when given the opportunity to talk to the other. Other highlights: Toby's awkward attempts at flirtation, Michael and Jim's chat about why Jim transferred, and the close, and Phyllis and Stanley's dating advice to Pam. Classic!
Favorite Moment: Jim mistakes Angela for a hooker in Dwight's room.
Favorite Quote: "In the Martin family, we like to say, 'Looks like someone took the slow train from Philly.' That's code for 'Check out the slut.' " - Angela

Overall Episode Grade: A+

Top 3 All-Time Michael Scott Moments:
1. Michael marks his girlfriend's arm, A Benihana Christmas
2. "If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North", Diversity Day
3. The entire episode, The Injury

Office Website: JelloStapler *NEW*
Review: So I have a biased point of view on these office episodes, being a fan of everything in Jello. Toby goes up to Pam's deks and "forgets" what he's going to say.. awkward.. but he could've saved the moment by telling Pam that he put Dwight's bobblehead in Jello. On Ryan's double date, he seems a little annoyed at Kelly (as usual). Well he could have put her in Jello, I don't think she can chatter when she's in Jello.. or could she? Michael Scott's hotel room party was a bust.. if he had Jello Shots, it would have been a totally different story.
Favorite Moment: When Jim sneaks into Dwight's room and finds a "hooker"
Favorite Quote: Kevin: If I weren't engaged I would so hit that.

Overall Episode Grade: C+

Top 3 All-Time Michael Scott Moments:
Michael Scott burns his foot on the george forman grill
Michael Scott can't tell the two asian girls from Benihana's apart.
Michael Scott doing the Chris Rock routine.

Name: Fancy New Beesly
Office Website: Fancy New Beesly on MySpace
Review: I remember being completely jarred by this episode because it was the first time that Jim had acknowledged the Pam issues in the season. Granted it was only the second episode....ahahhahahah...but still it was what was on EVERYONE's mind since the cliffhanger season 2 finale. I thought it was a fantastic episode. We got to see Jim attempt a prank on Dwight & also a hotel scene with Angela. Michael was in top form because he also got to see Jan for the first time since Casino Night when he had TWO dates at the function. HAahhhahh
Favorite Moment: When Jim & Josh come to Michael's hotel room & Michael & Dwight jam out the "Ain't no party like a Scranton party, cuz a Scranton party don't stop!"
Favorite Quote: "Dwight got a hooker!"

Overall Episode Grade: A

Top 3 All-Time Michael Scott Moments:
1)his performance in the conference room during Diversity Day
2)his performance in Chili's in The Client
3)marking the waitress's arm in Benihana Christmas

Name: Megan _TOC
Office Website:
Review: An office convention. The two branches meet up. It's a tad bit awkward. Jim finds out about Pam breaking off the wedding, and Michael thinks Jim left Scranton because of him. Jim then confesses it was because of Pam. Pam goes on a double date with a cartoonist, with Kelly and Ryan which ends up being pretty bad. Michael tries to throw a party in his hotel room, but fails miserably, although a few people end up coming by. And Dwight got a hooker - just kidding.
Favorite Moment: It's hard to say really. There are two I liked equally. The one where Pam calls Michael on the cellphone when Jim is nearby and when he finds out it's her and that she is going on a date, his reaction is priceless. The other one is where Jim gets a copy of Dwight's hotel key and he walks into a find a so-called "hooker" - i.e. Angela.
Favorite Quote: Jim Halpert: You know when I saw Dwight I realized how stupid and petty all those pranks I pulled on him were. And then he spoke. I wonder how hard it would be to get a copy of his room key.

Overall Episode Grade: A-

Top 3 All-Time Michael Scott Moments: God, there are millions, and all I can think of right now are these.
1) When Jan comes back from her "vacation" and wants to talk to Michael and he gathers all of (the women in the office) for support.
2) He tries to pull Jim's "It smells like Updog joke", but fails miserably, even when he had a chance to use the punchline.
3) At the Christmas party when he gets the two waitresses mixed and doesn't know who is who, so he pulls the joke 'not knowing who's-who', but ends up making a mark on the girl's arm.

Name: Melody
Office Website: The Office Alliance Podcast
Review: This episode felt to me like the "Office" powers that be were trying to reassure the audience that even though Jim had gone to Stamford, we weren't in for a completely depressing season of complete separation and isolation for poor old Jim Halpert. I remember when this episode aired the first time that I really appreciated that reassurance. It's nice to see how it sets up the season that is to come. We see Pam making the big move of going on her first first date in nine years. We see Jim trying to cope with his heartbreak by trying to move up the corporate ladder. We see lonely, lonely Michael who just wants to be one of the cool kids for once. It did a nice job of setting up all of those themes, without being a very plot-heavy episode.
Favorite Moment: Dwight got a HOOKER!
Favorite Quote: "Oh, yeah. You'll have to put out." - Phyllis

Overall Episode Grade: B

Top 3 All-Time Michael Scott Moments:
Singing "Teach Your Children Well" with Dwight in "Take Your Daughter to Work Day"
His display of dancing skillz in "Booze Cruise"
His attempt to actually become Jim Halpert in "The Secret."

Name: jenny
Office Website: MTT
Review: When I first saw this episode, I was reminded of just how important the ensemble is in this show. It was right after Gay Witch Hunt with Jim in Stamford and that episode just seemed so...unbalanced or something. Having Jim in that office and interacting with Michael, Dwight, and Pam is one of the best things about this show and it was obvious in this episode. Even without Jim and Pam actually talking, the scene with Michael telling Pam to have a good date was just amazingly played by John and Jenna. And who doesn't love a little Michael and Jim bonding? I still say this was one of the best episodes this season and probably the only Jim-in-Stamford episode that I really enjoyed. Of course, things were still frustrating on the Jam front when he came back to Scranton, but that's for another review.
Favorite Moment: Jim and Michael's talk in the hotel room
Favorite Quote: "Dwight got a hooker!"

Overall Episode Grade: B+

Top 3 All-Time Michael Scott Moments:
1. The "I hate so much about the things that you choose to be" speech to Toby
2. Burning his foot on a Foreman grill
3. Prison Mike

Name: Lauren
Office Website: Flonkerton *NEW*
Review: This was the very first episode of The Office that I watched the original airing of. I was only about halfway through the Season 2 DVDs so you can imagine how confused I was. Jim transfered? Pam's dating? Who the heck is Carol? As far as "recruiter episodes" go (i.e. episodes you would show friends to get them into The Office) I wouldn't recommend The Convention. However, when I watch it with more context, I find it to be a very solid episode. The pacing is quick without being rushed, nearly all of the secondary actors get some screen time, we get a rare glimpse of Michael being reasonably good at his job, and the Jim and Pam moments are significant without adding too much "drama" to the show. Oh, and of course we see the emergence of Toby's somewhat pathetic crush on Pam.
Favorite Moment: Jim's patented "17-emotions-at-once" look when Michael tells Pam to have fun on her date.
Favorite Quote: Michael: "Guess where I am going. I will give you a
hint. It is a booze-fueled sex romp, where anything goes. You are correct, sir! I am headed to Philadelphia..."

Overall Episode Grade: B+

Top 3 All-Time Michael Scott Moments:
- Being the "Boss of Dancing" in Booze Cruise
- Presenting Ryan the "Hottest in the Office" Dundie
- In Valentine's Day, when he tells Pam, "I own (New York) city.
Fuggedaboudit." (weird choice, I know, it just really makes me laugh)

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