Monday, May 21, 2007

The Office Announcement Convention Stories

TwoCents reader, Peggy M from NJ, made the trek to Scranton this weekend to see Brian Baumgartner ("Kevin") and Angela Kisney ("Angela") for their visit to the city to announce the official convention.

Peggy was kind enough to share the following recap and photo album of the function with us! Thanks Peggy!

Here is a little recap of the breakfast portion of today’s festivities:

Angela & Brian arrived in the ballroom at around 9:00 a.m. and seemed genuinely overwhelmed at the love they were getting from everyone in the room. We were lucky enough to have seats right by the door and Angela (for some reason) immediately walked up with me with her hand held out and said “Hi, I’m Angela” to which I replied while shaking her hand “Hi, I’m Peggy – your bangs looks great” (which equates to the part in Dirty Dancing when Baby says to Johnny “I carried a watermelon”) she replied “Thanks, I’m really having a hard time getting used to them”. A lot of people came running up and starting taking pictures of them before they even had a chance to sit down. They were so gracious and accommodating to everyone!!

Finally, they made their way to their table (after about 500 more photos and meetings with dignitaries). A few announcements and speeches were made (the Mayor, the PA Division our tourism etc..) they announced all about the Convention and we finally got to enjoy the yummy breakfast buffet.

They had two (2) Lakawanna Sheriff’s Deputies standing on either side of their table while they ate so that nobody would disturb them.(I thought it was kinda cute).

After they finished eating, Brian & Angela went to the podium. Angela said that when they entered the room, they both got choked up because of the outpouring of love they felt from everyone. They both then proceed to talk about their adventures the night before when they were taken on a tour of all the spots in the show in Scranton (Coopers, Poor Richard’s, Farley’s etc..). They also came clean about their night of partying where Angela was doing shots of tequila and Brian was shooting Jaegerbombs. They didn’t get back to their hotel until 3:45 a.m.!!!!

Angela then said that they had some special guests who wanted to say “Hello”. They both immediately went into their Angela and Kevin characters and it was HYSTERICAL! Brian (as Kevin) kept stating that he was bringing greetings from the President of the United States – Angela then replied that he probably didn’t even know who the President was. He looked at her and started to say George W….and she stopped in short and said “Kevin, did you shower today?” I’m telling you, it was a riot!

They came down off the podium and they each walked individually to each table and took pictures with people and signed autographs. It was kind of surreal because you are sitting at your table and you look next to you and Angela is just standing there. It was a very casual, very intimate atmosphere.

I met some REALLY cool fans today who made the experience even more enjoyable. I’ll be in touch guys!!! A special thanks for Jean (Everybody Hurts) and her daughter Amanda (aka: I don’t like Jim) for being such great partners in crime in all these trips to Scranton. I’ll see you in October my friend!! J

And of course – thanks to Angela & Brian for being there and being so warm and wonderful – I know we all appreciated it very, very much!!

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