Monday, May 7, 2007

Maty's Movies - "Hot Fuzz"

Hot Fuzz is a Smokin' Good Time!

The creators of "Shaun of the Dead", Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, are back with another hilarious and clever parody, "Hot Fuzz". Pegg and Wright are so adept at poking fun of a genre while keeping it alive and true to form they almost create a new genre all together.

In "Hot Fuzz" the duo combine three different formulas of the action flick to create a Frankenstein like roller coaster of an action film. The first act plays on the fish out of water, the second a gory whodunit and finishes with the extravagant and excessive shootout.

The trend in Hollywood these days is to make thrillers and action movies have a plot so confusing it makes you feel like you have an ice cream headache, "Hot Fuzz"’s plot is so simple and obvious it seems clever and twists in a way that seems rarely explored.

I highly recommend anyone who is interested in being entertained to go see this film. It has action, laughs, and even some cartoon-like gory violence for people who need a little blood in their action.

Like the first Scream movie reinvented the slasher flick by being hyper aware of itself while still be scary, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright bring that same kind of intelligence and fun to all their films. Go get entertained and see "Hot Fuzz". And look hard for special secret cameos by Cate Blanchette and Peter Jackson.

Maty's Grade: A

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