Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Idol Rocks.....Dude

Bon Jovi night was an excellent television event.

I've always been a fan on Bon Jovi, from singing it in music class in middle school right through their latest work. I'm looking forward to this show.

Jon was very helpful as a mentor, really seeming to try to give his best advise to the final six contestants. Let's see what and how they did!

Phil opened the show with "Blaze of Glory". All I have to say is... "William H. Bonney, you .. are ... not... a ... God!" "Why don't you pull the trigger and find out." YOUNG GUNS BABY!!! Phil started up in the audience and he rocked the song. I LOVE this song and Phil came through with it. I really really enjoyed her performance. As Jon Bon said - a big voice wrapped around a big song. Randy thought it was one of his best performances ever, Paula thought it was the best beginning for a show all season and Simon just thought it was ok. I originally didn't think Phil should make the final 12, but boy was I wrong with this song. It was perfect!

Jordin was next and is singing "Livin' On A Prayer". It's a great rock anthem, but not really a great song choice for her voice. My favorite to win this thing may have stumbled a little with this version, but I hope she has enough juice to get the votes to keep her very popular. Randy told her the low notes were rough and Jordin agreed. Paula gave her credit for going for it and Simon said it was like something out of the Adam's Family.

LaKisha sang "This Ain't A Love Song". She refused to sit for the Coke question, trying to show some personality she's been very very void of up to today. The song was well done and she used her big voice well. But I still think she'll be one of the ones going home, even though Jon Bon disagrees. The judges were all happy to see her 'back' again and then Simon kissed her full on the lips. Yikes. That's all I can say about that.

Blake took to the stage next. My nine year old niece ran in the room. "OH MY GOD!! BLAKE DIED HIS HAIR BLACK" and then proceeded to fake faint on the floor. With his very own version of "You Give Love A Bad Name" he went back to Blake-izing a song. As a big Bon Jovi fan I didn't know if I would like it, but you know what? I may just pay the $0.99 for the download of it tomorrow on WOW! I loved it. He had me at the vocal sound of a record playing at the very beginning. I loved how big of a risk he took. Jon Bon Jovi did NOT it seems from his little interview. If this version was bad, he could very well be going home, but no. The kid KILLED it. Great job! The judges all said pretty much the same thing. I just re-wound it and watched it two more times, I've never done that with any performance this season.

Chris starts it up with "Dead or Alive" and you know what? He's the ONLY contestant to NOT have production value. No musicians on the stage, no audience diving, just him singing and I always question that he gets the most production. Ok, I'm wrong, I admit it. I catch a lot of crap about my critique of him, so I was SO ready to give him the benefit of the doubt tonight. Then he goes and picks what could my all time favorite Bon Jovi song. He is the weakest singer of the group, has more personality than Kiki and probably Phil, but unfortunately for him, two people are going home this week and Phil is the best of the bottom three. So Chris will be going home.

Melinda brought it home with "My Life". I love this song and Melinda really did sound like a young Tina Turner singing it. That's what the judges said too. I don't know what else I can say about her. But I'd now KILL to hear her sing "Proud Mary" in the finals!

So, who do I think is going home? Say goodbye to Chris and Kiki.

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