Thursday, May 24, 2007

American Idol Season 6 Finale Recap

Ok, watching on DVR after LOST ended (we'll chat that up later!) it's time for your play by play for tonight's Idol finale!

Ryan is hanging out with Ricky and the band. 160 MILLION people watching tonight. Terri Hatcher in the house.

Jeff Foxworthy, Jerry Springer, Laurie Laughlin all here too.

Jordin and Blake sing together with "I Saw Her Standing There". 'Well she was just 17'. HA! Running through the crowd slapping hands. I really don't like that little platform behind the judges.

Gwen Stefani is live on tour and performs "4 in the Morning" live via satellite.

Ryan just promised us "more than a few surprises".

Commercials. Prepare to Fast Forward. Preparing Fast Forward. Fast Forward! Fast Forward! (What movie? Anyone?)

She's BACK to the Idol stage - for real this time! My girl Kelly Clarkson! YAY KELLY!!! She sings her new single. I guess this could make up for her always 'slighting' Idol in the people's eyes huh?

Clive Davis in the house. Jennifer Hudson.

Awards for people who stood out during the auditions. THE GOLDEN IDOLS AWARDS!
Nice, they got Don LaFontaine the movie promo voice guy. These are just rehashes of the really strange auditions from the beginning of the season.

Best Presentation Award goes to Margaret Fowler who auditioned dressed in all kinds of yellow fuzz. This is painful.

Michael Chiklis and Kathy Najimy in the house.

The top 6 guys perform. Dressed in all white. A nice motown "Ooh Baby Baby" by the Miracles, I like it. Then Smokey Robinson OF the Miracles comes out and joins them. Very nice! Gotta love medleys. I bet this won't be the last one. I have to say it, man was I wrong with Phil. He's great.


Can't wait for the Band show!

Doug E. Fresh beatboxing with Blake. AMAZING!!! Great idea!!! Inspector Gadget hook! You KNOW it's good!! HE'S AMAZING!! Blake is so good at this.

Golden Idol for Most Original Vocal goes to: Sholandric Stallworth. Wow. This isn't a good idea at all people.

The top 6 girls are performing, also all in white. Motown also. Nice. Stephanie Edwards is back. Yay! She went too early. Gladys Knight doing her thing tonight! Woohoo! Yeah, I don't really miss the Melinda "aww shucks" look. But man do I love her voice!

THE HOFF is back in the house! Will Hasselhoff cry again? Justin Guarini is back too, but do people really care? hehe

Commercials. (Shrek 3 is now playing, in case you didn't know. :) )

Constantine is there.

And so is Tony Bennett who is here to sing for us. His new CD is called "Duets". I wonder if someone will come sing with him...nope. It's amazing to me the stars they get for this show. DAMN! Sing it Tony!! 80 and still rocking it!

David Alan Grier in the auditorium.

Golden Idol for "Best Buddies". Oh, this is sad. Please stop this. Someone? Please!

Ok, there's a group of girls in matching black dresses in the audience, I bet they are someone. Anyone have any ideas?

Melinda Doolittle singing with the Winans who she used to sing backup for! Nice touch Idol!


Ford Music Video - clips of all the other ones. Time after Time.

Jordin and Blake were just given 2 brand new Mustangs. Yikes.

Carrie Underwood is live on the stage with "I'll Stand By You" which they used in the Idol Gives Back special. That's 2 former winners back so far.

Brittany Murphy in the crowd! As is Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher from 'Til Death.

Clive Davis is here to talk about how good the Idol CDs are doing this year and focusing on Daughtry. Music Industry's biggest selling album of the year. Clive is presenting 6 Million Albums sold to Carrie Underwood. She better have a big trophy room.

Ace is there in the crowd.


The African Children's Choir joins us for a performance to 'sum up' what Idol Gives Back was all about.

OK, a video about men who shaped the world. And it's a salute to Sanjaya. Oh boy. Performing with Joe Perry from Aerosmith. NO!! JOE!! Say it isn't so Joe! Prepare to Fast Forward. FAST FORWARD!! Thankfully Sanjaya is on the tour. People need sometime to go to the concession stands don't they? THE LITTLE BLOND GIRL IS BACK AND CRYING AGAIN!!! Ashley Ferl in the house people!!!

Instant Kharma album cut from Green Day. Nice!


Taylor Hicks is here to perform. That's 3 former winners! He has a harmonica people! Rock it old man! hehe. SOUL PATROL!

Here is Jordin singing with RUUUUUUBEN!!! That's 4 former winners! And if I predicted right, soon to be the 5th! ;)

Commercials. Wow, that was a quick one.

Bette Midler is here! OH NO!! Not Wind Beneath My Wings!! NO NO!! Aww, Paula and Randy slow dancing together. It's like the 10th grade prom! I'm pretty sure I twirled some poor girl around to this song around that time.

Commercials. WHAT THE HELL!? Every 2 minutes now?

American Idol tribute to Sgt Pepper. Yup, it's a medley folks. Could that explain Randy's jacket last night? Kelly and Joe Perry! Taylor is back. Carrie too! Wow, cool - the former winners together. Has this ever been done like this? No Fantasia tonight, she's busy on Broadway. Ruben too. Then the 12 from this year come out to sing backup for the 4 champs.


Now it's results time. Anyone of you who DVRed this and it ended at 10, I'm sorry. Thankfully, while watching LOST I paused it and went to Idol at 9:55pm to catch the end. It went over about 10 minutes and my DVR wouldn't have caught it.

Anyway... after all the weeks, the songs, the ballads, the mentors... YOUR American Idol is ...


She made it through her song and it was great! YAY JORDIN!!

See you all next year for Idol in January!

Photo Cr: Michael Becker/FOX


  1. My DVR cut out the ending.....but luckily I was able to rewind back and catch the ending....I'm such a sap, I cried. I love Jordin!!!! She deserved the win!!! I love Blake too...he's such a great entertainer, he'll do VERY well also!!! But all in all, great recap of the finale!!! Have a geat day!!

  2. did your best to mke the finale sound exciting...but it was kind of a flop my friend.

    The one thing that stood out to me was Blake's performance with Doug E. Fresh. That was pretty sweet.

    Green Day on American Idol? I guess they aren't punks anymore huh?

    Matthew a.k.a. Agent Scarn


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