Wednesday, May 9, 2007

American Idol Final Four Recap

Hey guys! The final four go head to head to head to head on Disco night with Barry Gibb as their mentor. Here we go!

Judge Judy is in the house and the contestants will sing two songs each, ALL Barry Gibb music. WOW. Hopefully not all songs he recorded, but stuff he's written, produced and such.

Melinda Doolittle starts it off with "Love You Inside and Out". Barry thought the choice was unusual but he said she pulled it off. This past weekend a friend of mine said Melinda is like someone our parents would like to go see in concert, watching this I would say she was right! She's very very talented, but just doesn't excite me to the point where I would run out and buy her album or pay to see her in concert. Randy called is solid but he wasn't jumping up and down. Paula called her vocal spot on and wanted her to wow her, which she didn't. Simon said he wasn't that impressed by it, he wants incredible tonight and that wasn't it.

Ryan and Simon chided each other like 6th graders.... again.

Blake Lewis chooses "You Should Be Dancing". He has to do falsetto cause of Barry Gibb music. I think he looks like a refugee from Flock of Seagulls tonight! Did he bring in Sanjaya to do his hair the last few weeks? This song is tough to get through his falsetto. He did his little beat box stuff. Let's see what the judges say. Randy hated the beat-boxing, he called it corny. Paula said he's unique, and Simon thought it was absolutely terrible. Then they cut him off with the music. They are trying to squeeze all this in an hour. How about not taking commercials for 5 minutes at a time every 2 minutes?

LaKisha Jones is singing "Stayin Alive". Gibb says that it's hard for a girl to sing what a male sang in falsetto. Well, then this may not be the best choice for mentor with 3 women huh? Ok, she put some funky woman stuff in this number and it's scary. She's more interesting that Melinda tonight though, that's for sure. Randy said it was weird, wish she didn't change it. Paula didn't like that she slowed it down. Simon said "no kiss tonight".

Jordin Sparks goes last and she's singing "To Love Somebody". Again, an issue with a girl singing a man's song. COME ON IDOL! Barry says he hasn't heard a greater version that Jordin's! Slow and mellow = KP is bored. Good vocal but rather boring. Randy thought it was the best vocal so far. Paula thinks she's beautiful. Simon best song choice, best performance, back in competition! Woohoo!! Go Jordin!

Melinda is back with "How Do You Mend a Broken Heart". Barry questioned her leaving out a part about being a loser. HA! She looks like my great-aunt at a wedding. What is she wearing? Melinda's voice is amazing, unfortunately, that's it. Slow, mellow, boring. Crowd reaction is luke warm. Randy thought it was great vocal, Paula thought it was a beautiful vocal and reminded her to do more than rely on vocals, Simon thought the ending of the song put her into the semi-finals.

Blake selected "This is Where I Came In" as his second song. More beat-boxing. Ok, we got it Blake. You like to beat-box like Justin Timberlake. Is it me or is he missing half of his sweater? He picked a song NO ONE has ever heard of. Not a great idea at this stage of the contest man. But better suited than that falsetto thing last time out. Luke warm reaction again. Randy still not jumping up and down and said "don't beat-box on every spin". NICE!!! Paula called him a contemporary rebel, what does that mean? Simon hated the song selection and told him that he's been bad tonight. Yikes. I'm worried for Blake this week.

LaKisha rounds out her night singing "Run To Me". Another ballad. Great. Someone wake me up when it's over. The ole American Idol trick of being boring for 3/4 of the song and then hitting big notes at the end. Zzzzzzz. She lost her voice at the end of the song, does that knock her out? Randy pointed out her being horse at the end, Paula said she's still a champ, Simon thought it wasn't great. Says she's vulnerable.

Jordin closes the show with "" Barry Gibb thinks she'll be one of the greatest female recording artists. Wow, that's saying something. She looks amazing in this song. Great vocal, but still, I'm sick of ballads, with a few exceptions they don't get you excited and want to run to the phones. Randy thought it was pitchy throughout and gave props to Barry Gibb instead. Paula thought it was not..couldn't finish her thought. Simon thought it was old-fashioned and pagaenty. Whatever that means. She'll be safe, but I hope you voted for her anyway!

Ok, Fox has NO idea how to manage their time. They were literally talking like the Micro-Machine guy at the end of the show!

Bottom 2 - Blake and LaKisha and once again I say Bye Bye LaKisha.

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