Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Talk About...24 (4/9/07)

Jack is BACK once again!

Let's get the ball rolling over in the comments section about this new and (as always) edge of your seat episode of 24!

Day 6: 10:00PM - 11:00PM
Episode 18 Originally aired: April 9, 2007
The administration resumes an offensive approach; Jack and Fayed come face to face; a shocking development.

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  1. Television Without Pity's Recap

    By , TWOP

    It turns out that Wayne was only bluffing with his "nuclear strike" against Mideastia. It's just an unarmed warhead. The hell of it is, it works, and the Mideastian government suddenly starts acting all cooperative-like. They seem to have arrested a Mideastian general named Habib who's been giving Fayed his orders. This is a lucky break for Kiefer and Doyle, who aren't having any success at beating information out of Fayed. CTU stages a fake jailbreak to make Fayed think that he's been rescued by another cell. And then Wayne makes the Mideastians force Habib to call Fayed and tell him to go ahead and rendezvous with his men. This is supposed to lead Kiefer to the bombs, but Nadia detects a duress code in their conversation. It's too late to prevent Fayed from making an actual escape in a stolen garbage truck, but it's just in time to allow Kiefer to stow away in the truck's undercarriage. He follows Fayed to the nukes, kills Fayed's men, and kills Fayed. Nukes secured! Threat over! But all is not quite well -- especially Wayne, who is physically falling apart. Also, Milo is acting like a jealous fifth-grader over the lack of hostility between Nadia and Doyle. And then at the very end, Kiefer gets a cell-phone call from his old friend the Chinese Consulate Cop. He's got Audrey, and she's not dead -- as long as Kiefer does what he's told. What that will be, we won't find out until next hour. Looks like we've got a second act.


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