Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Talk About... Heroes (4/23/07)

Finally it came back, and it didn't disappoint!

I enjoyed seeing all our Hero friends again. Did you? What did you think? Head over to the comments and share them!

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Original Airdate: Monday April 23, 2007
Sylar (Zachary Quinto) continues his rampage; Nathan weighs what he has learned from Linderman (Malcolm McDowell); Thompson (Eric Roberts) does everything he can to locate Claire.


  1. Television Without Pity's Recap

    By, TWOP

    Bennet's being held captive by the Evil Eric Roberts, but he manages to throw some thoughts toward Parkman, and Matt starts taking orders from him in his mind. Bennet orders Matt to bust RadioacTed out of his own cell, and they in turn bust Bennet out of his. They all join forces and agree to head to New York to take down some tracking system so that Claire can be safe or something. Yeah, that didn't make a lot of sense to me either, but who cares? They're back, baby!

    Linderman reveals to Nathan that, not only does he have a power of his own (healing), he also used to be partnered up with a bunch of other superheroes in the past. He claims that they all went bad, but since Linderman wants to blow up New York just so Nathan will get into the White House, I'd say his perception of good and bad is a little fuzzy, wouldn't you? Nathan agrees with me because he tells Linderman to go and *****e. But later he kind of starts digging that painting of him in the White House, and I think he's going to let a lot of innocent people die just so he can get a blow job in the Oval Office.

    Peter repeats his visit to Mohinder's place and once again finds the poor man stapled to the ceiling. Sylar appears and starts to rip Peter's skull open, but Peter heals too quickly for him to gain access to the gray matter inside. They engage in a gnarly little battle that ends with Peter dead and Sylar knocked out by a newly brave Mohinder. Mo then takes Peter directly to Mama Petrelli's house, interrupting a heartwarming chat the old lady is having with Claire about how Claire needs to shut her pie hole and go to France already.

    Meanwhile, in Vegas, DL is suddenly onto Jessica impersonating Niki (did I miss something somewhere? When the hell did THAT happen?) and he declares that he's taking Micah away and that Jessica better just suck it up and deal. Jessica actually seems to consider this as an option because, hey, she's really not exactly PTA mother of the year, you know? Linderman then requests a meeting with Jessica and tells her that he needs to borrow Micah for a bit. Jessica tells him to go ***** himself. So Linderman brings in Candice the Wonder Morpher to impersonate Jessica impersonating Niki, and Candice hands little Micah right over to the Big Bad Boss. What the man has planned for the poor boy is anyone's guess.

    Nathan returns home to weep over his dead brother's body. Claire busts in and wants a moment of her own with her dead uncle. She removes the glass from Peter's head and he totally comes back to life. Everyone acts surprised, but Mama Petrelli just informs them that she's known about her "special" sons since long before even THEY did. Nathan then tells Claire that he loves her and everything, but could she go to Paris already because dude's gotta go fondle some interns in the Lincoln bedroom, dammit!

    After Sylar disappears from his floor, Mohinder calls Bennet, only to have Evil Eric Roberts show up instead. Their meeting is relatively unfruitful and only serves to creep Mohinder out because Evil Eric Roberts is really skeevy. Sylar's across town, paying a visit to Isaac, who appears to have grown an extra set of brass balls because he bravely faces off against Sylar even though the man is seriously murderous. Sylar kills him anyway. Bye, Isaac!

    And, finally, Hiro and Ando have landed five years in the future and the bomb's already gone off. So they decide to go visit Mystery Sock. Instead of finding their friend, however, they just find this whacked-out version of his studio and Future Hiro! And he looks mighty pissed to see them, let me tell you. But his soul patch is the BOMB. Um. Unfortunate choice of words, no?

  2. I love this show. Its the best show besides the office.


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