Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Talk About... 24 (4/23/07)

Ok gang, it's after Midnight in Jack Bauer land and things are getting action packed! What did you think of last night's episode? Head over to the comments for the full recap and to leave your own thoughts!

Day 6: 12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M.
Originally Aired: April 23, 2007
Developments involving Jack Bauer and Agent Mike Doyle have CTU operatives and analysts scrambling to gain control of an intense situation. Vice President Daniels prepares to address the country while presidential advisor Tom Lennox participates in a personnel decision that will shake things up.

ALSO! Be sure to check back later today for a Two Cents & Five Questions with Lourdes Benedicto who played Carrie Turner in the 2003 season!!

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  1. Television Without Pity's Recap

    By, TWOP

    The Veep consolidates his new position as Commander-in-Chief by mending fences with Tom and making out grossly with Lisa. Ick. Kiefer's on his way to get Audrey, and everyone at CTU is busy looking for Kiefer before he can hand the circuit board over to Cheng. When they're not fighting with each other, that is. In fact, things get so ugly between Morris and Chloe that Morris asks Buchanan for a transfer. Buchanan's got problems of his own, though: his wife just fired him. The reason has to do with Chad Lowe telling Justice Department investigators that Buchanan released Fayed two years ago, and with Karen's need to insulate Wayne from the political fallout (no pun intended). Buchanan's bummed, but he really did have the longest run as CTU boss ever. Nadia takes charge at CTU as Doyle tracks Kiefer to the abandoned hotel where he's set up to meet Cheng (and which he's wired to explode). The exchange starts to go through just the way Kiefer and Cheng anticipated in their respective and yet very different plans. But then Doyle, hiding in the bushes, opens fire and everything goes pear-shaped. Audrey's safe, but Kiefer takes a bullet in the vest before he can blow up the building. Cheng gets away into the mountains with the circuit board, which pisses off absolutely everyone but Cheng. And Kiefer's got additional reason to be pissed when he realizes that Audrey's been traumatized to the point where she isn't exactly all there. Understandable; after what he gave up in exchange for her, he had a right to expect he was getting all of her.


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