Monday, April 30, 2007


Save Studio Sixty!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the latest of Aaron Sorkin's TV thought inducing shows (Sports Night, The West Wing) has been gone from the airwaves for far too long after the well written show failed to find its audience. is reporting that Studio 60's remaining six episodes will run on Thursday nights at 10pm after sweeps ends, starting May 24th. Not a good sign for the show being renewed next season.

The series started off with one of my favorite tv moments with a great inspired monologue delivered by Judd Hirsch.

This show is really well written and the cast is full of amazing performers including Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Steven Webber and Timothy Busfield. D.L. Hughley and Nathan Corddry give great performances too!

This website is an online petition to save the show, and I just hope it has at least a CHANCE of coming back. As one of the biggest fans of "Sports Night" I know too well the pain of losing a smart, well written, witty show too soon!


  1. The link THIS WEBSITE doesn't work

  2. I just checked the website and "the results" are in - Gilmore Girls won with 36% of the vote compared to 2% for Studio 60 - what's that about?


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