Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Office Conference Room... "Safety Training"

[Updated: 4/15 8:40pm]

Everyone in the Conference Room ... NOW!

Time for Office Website 'stars' to post their Two Cents about last night's episode. Check back throughout the day as we add more. Leave your own Two Cents in the comments section!

SAFETY LESSONS IN THE OFFICE Andy (Ed Helms) returns to the office after several weeks of anger management training, determined to make a fresh start with all the Dunder-Mifflin employees. Meanwhile, it’s safety training day in the office, and Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) are on a mission to illuminate the true dangers of the workplace.

Name: KP
Office Site: TheTwoCents
Review: This episode is one of a handful that don't help to progress story lines that others have been building towards. They seem disjointed to me, they usually are the most funny, yet don't help move the story of "The Office" along. "The Injury" is a prime example of this to me. It was a great and funny episode, but lacked any of the 'drama' that we love in small doses. We didn't get any Jim/Karen/Pam interaction really. A line here and there. Andy, sorry Drew, came back but I'm not sure how this new "Drew" will play out. Two Darrell heavy episodes in a row, that I like, he's a great character on this show. Kevin is always funny and once again, where the hell is Meredith? Have we seen her since the bat was on her head? Overall, I thought it was a funny enjoyable episode, but I wanted more. Next week is a repeat, so we'll have to wait even longer.
Favorite Moment: Any time Dwight would "un-shun" and then "re-shun" Drew.
Favorite Quote: Darryl: This is shenanigans, foolishness. NERF ball. You live a sweet little NERF-y life. Sittin’ on your biscuit. Never havin’ to risk it.

Overall Episode Grade: B

Name: Ben Miller
Office Site:
Review: God bless Kevin. I'm as sad as he is that March Madness is no longer around. But, at the same time, I am thrilled that his boredom is around to keep me entertained. As much as I liked the Michael-suicide bit, the entire betting plot should have been the episode by itself. It's hard to describe this episode in a couple of sentences, but overall I would say that is it somewhat lacking. There was so much that was missing that I had really wanted. Zero quality Jim and Pam. Zero Dwight-Angela interaction. Zero Jim-Karen interaction. And most of all, STILL NO PRANKS! There could be a couple of things that could carry over; such as Karen's mentioning she doesn't know the place as well as she thought, and Kevin's comment about Jim being at Pam's desk. This is probably, as far as humor, the best episode of the season, but I would have liked more drama. But who am I kidding, it was still fantastic.
Favorite Moment: The Kelly-Netflix bet, but Creed and the potato is a close second.
Favorite Line: "Dwight you ignorant slut!" Twice as nice. Also kudos to the great Patrice O'Neal for "That dim light is a bitch."

Overall Episode Grade: B+

Name: Step
Office Site: The Office US LiveJournal Community
Review: It seems that people either loved or hated this episode. Count me as one of the lovers. This felt like a Season 2 episode to me, and if I had to characterize it, it would be The Injury of the third season. No, there was not much plot development (aside from Andy, I mean Drew, returning). But we did get Michael at the top of his game, and some good old interaction between the entire office. Michael trying to show that working in an office can be dangerous, compared to the warehouse is just a very typical Michael thing to do, but I'm glad that in the end, Jim and Pam realized that there was a very real threat. So they talked him down. With a present. I also liked that Michael, while trying to show depression, actually did become a little depressed. But he has so much to live for! Like being braver than Darryl (which I'm sure Michael is.) As for the other storyline of the episode, the betting served to let us see the characters and the quirks of the office that we know and love. Betting on Creed eating a potato? Now that's the office camaraderie I've been waiting to see. Now if they'd only cut away to Jim and Pam jumping on the moonbounce at the end... I'd be completely satisfied. As it is, though, I thought this episode was top-notch.
Favorite Moment: Kelly explaining Netflix to Ryan, and the exasperated office workers slowly forking over their money. Kudos to Jim and Pam for the awesome and Romantic Comedies wins. Brilliant.
Favorite Line: 'Will I be too warm in a long sleeved tee?' I don't know what was up with the keeping warm with cardigans/weather related references last night, but that line killed me. Runner up though, was definitely Dwight's unshun/reshun. Amazing.

Overall Episode Grade: B+

Office Site:
Review: Hey, how’s it hanging?
Excitement overwhelms me! This episode made me fall in love with the show all over again (as if that is even possible)! The episode felt so season 2ish; Pam looked great, the collaboration of all the characters was amazing, the return of the fabulous duet that is Michael and Dwight was flawless, the ‘Drew’ return and the shunning bit was pure genius…I can go on forever!
Overall great episode, awesome interactions, non-Jam based, Karen cracking, Drew returning, Dwight shunning, Creed crunching, Pam smiling, Madge returning, Darryll spitting, Michael jumping(or not), Toby training, Nerf calling, Dwight rocking, Jim being…loveable, Ryan betting, Kelly name-calling, Kevin losing and Michael being the boss!
Favorite Moment: The potato/apple Creed bit! I can never get enough of Creed on the show! How about when he came out from where the bouncy castle was zipping his pants up, I don’t even want to know what he was doing back there!
Favorite Line: —“I saved a life…my own. Am I a hero? I can’t really say, but…yes.”

Overall Episode Grade: A

Name: Adam Tidwell
Office Site:
Review: This episode pales in comparison to last week's The Negotiation, but it's still a good one. I particularly liked the betting theme throughout the day. Creed eating the potato had me laughing out loud. There wasn't any real JAM feeling moments, however there was an awkward time with Kevin talking about Jim and reception, and it felt like old times when Jim and Pam realized Michael was going to kill himself by pretending to kill himself. I had almost forgotten about Karen at that point. Almost. The obligatory Creed lines were great, especially when they come while he's zipping his pants. This episode wasn't nearly as laugh out loud funny as the greats, but it was still enjoyable. Michael was again a 12 year old boy trapped in a man's body, trying to live a man's life. We should all loath him, but he's endearing. Steve really lays the sympathy on thick. Andy was back, but it felt really weird because he was only the REAL Andy for a split second here and there. The Andy/Dwight interaction was nicely done. I felt like Angela got the shaft in this episode, but that's OK because Kevin, Lonny, and Darryl all had more time than usual. Overall, this episode was like Michael's breath. Good, not great.
Favorite Moment: Michael asking Dwight to call his lawyer and ask him if he does hate crimes.
Favorite Line: "I Braveheart."

Overall Episode Grade: B-

Name: Stephanie Harmon
Office Site:
Review: This episode was pretty good. I enjoyed the interaction between Dwight and Andy and the beginning bantering with Jim and Dwight.I thought that the Jam moments were perfect and I can feel that they are leading up to the finale. I was glad to see a little bit more of Patrice O'Neil. I really like him as a comedian and I think that the Office people are finally using his assets on the show. He had more lines this episode, which I enjoyed. I thought Michaels little "show" as jim called it, was hilarious. I do wonder one thing though, does Scranton have mountains? Since we know that the show is not filmed in Scranton, the mountains in the background when Michael is on the roof of Dunder-Mifflin are there. If someone can answer me that question, that would be helpful. Just a little curiosity on my part. Over all, loved it.
Favorite Moment: The betting
Favorite Line: "Dwight says he doesn't know a single fact about bear
attacks" -Jim

Overall Episode Grade: B


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