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The Office Conference Room - "Product Recall"

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Another week, another NEW episode of "The Office" and another meeting for us all in The Office Conference Room! We have some new faces this week, so be sure to visit their sites and support them the way they all support TheTwoCents!!

Product Recall
Original Airdate: Thursday April 26, 2007
The office is in crisis mode after a large shipment of Dunder Mifflin paper is accidentally sent out with an obscene watermark -- and Michael tries to manage the media with an impromptu press conference. Jim and Andy also attempt to calm the high school principal who has sent out prom invites on the affected stationery.

Name: KP
Office Site:
Review: I loved this episode. I haven't laughed out loud at the show, like I did last night, in a long time. Every single character had some great moments. I could sit here and list them all but I won't, just a few. Kelly singing B-A-N-A-N-A-S was great. They have really made a nice little character with her. Angela trying to be nice, Kevin trying to be Australian, Kevin and Oscar trying to high five each other, Jim trying to be Dwight, Dwight trying to be Jim, Andy trying to not be in love with a highschool kid, Michael trying not to get sued, Stanley trying to be upset, Phyllis trying to see through the plant, man oh man so many more. Again we lost any kind of story line progression with the whole Pam and Jim thing, but I was ok with it this week actually. Great episode.
Favorite Moment: Dwight being Jim and doing the smirk at the camera at the very end. I bet I woke the neighbors laughing at that one.
Favorite Line: Jim: "Lord, beer me strength."

Overall Episode Grade: A

Name: Adam Tidwell
Office Site:
Review: The episode started great, continued solid, and ended great. My only nit-picks are no storyline advancement, and zero JAM material (I'm not even a big JAM'er [JAM'er, I barely know her!], but a little JAM goes a long way). Could this have been Creed's biggest episode? He was classic Creed through and through. This episode is FILLED with quotable quotes, which is great considering the content of my website. I was spoiled to the intro of Jim playing Dwight, but I never, in a million years, could have guessed that Dwight would play Jim. He did a great job playing a character, playing a character, with the flaws of the first character, if that makes any sense. Stanley's quick line "I am upset. Don't I sound upset?" pretty much sums up his character. Overall, a very solid episode to add to the already zoppity Season 3. Anyone who doesn't buy this season on DVD is crazy!
Favorite Moment: Jim (as Dwight) yelling for Michael, followed by Dwight doing the same.
Favorite Line: Michael: "I need two men on this. That's what she said. No time! But she did. NO TIME!"

Overall Episode Grade: A-

Name: Fancy New Beesly
Office Site: Fancy New Beesly on MySpace
Review: I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! I loved the fancy new
lighting that Randell Einhorn gave it & I thought the subtle humor & slower pace of the show hearkened back to the first two seasons. Jim & Dwight consecutively dressing up as each other was priceless. I loved the new character development they've given Kelly beyond the "ditzy girl" caricature. I was also really pleased to see Andy's human side in this episode. Nobody likes a static character that's just annoying for the sake of being annoying. I'm glad to see Pam making clever & slightly
sarcastic observations again but am a little worried about Jim's sudden burst of "I'm a hot guy now" & his seemingly resigned attitude to having Dunder-Mifflin be his career. Wasn't he supposed to throw himself in front of a train if it got to this point? Re-prioritize Jim!!
Favorite Moment: Andy & Jim singing in the end.
Favorite Line: "I'm calling the Ungrateful Beeyotch Hotline!"-Michael

Overall Episode Grade: B

Name: Stephanie Harmon
Office Site: The Office Guide dot net
Review: I really enjoyed this episode. We see some bonding between Kelly and Angela. I really liked their interaction. I also enjoyed the bonding between Andy and Jim. The ending had to be my favorite part though. There weren't any JAM moments, which was disappointing. Overall, a very good episode
Favorite Moment: Jim and Andy singing in the car
Favorite Line: Dwight: "Look I'm Jim Halpert..ehh."

Overall Episode Grade: B+

Name: Step
Office Site: The Office LJ
Review: I loved this episode. It seems like some people feel that this episode was 'filler', and not funny, but I couldn't disagree more. This episode was funny, had some instant classic lines, and wasn't too heavy on the Jim/Pam/Karen angst, which, in my opinion, has taken away from some of the funny this season. The Dwight/Jim pranks rank in my top three pranks on the show, Andy dating a high-schooler was absolutely perfect, and having everyone deal with the repercussions of the watermark let us learn some things about our favorite office workers. Like, that Creed is amazing at getting himself out of trouble. And that Angela has an inability to apologize. And that Pam, Ryan, and Karen are the money beets. And that this wasn't Michael's first apology video. And that Dwight has animals on his farm that are seriously unnatural. All in all, absolutely fantastic. Way to go, The Office. Nice return to form.
Favorite Moment: Michael's initial meeting in the conference room. All of the acronyms to save time (which he then had to explain), Threat Level Midnight references, all of it, glorious. Leg up on the conference room table? Brilliance. Just, a fantastic scene.
Favorite Line: Jim: 'Lord, beer me strength.' Quite possibly, the greatest line of the season. Just.. perfect.

Overall Episode Grade: A-

Name: jenny
Office Site: MTT []
Review: Did this episode seem short to anyone else? It seemed short to me. I loved the plot and the jokes, but I just wanted a little more. I think the super-sized episodes have spoiled me. That being said, it was all about Jim's bros this week, which I loved. The cold open and end credits with Dwight were hilarious! I love those two together. As for Andy, I wish the show had included more of him at the high school with Jim. Those scenes were hilarious -- poor Andy and his underage girlfriend -- and it's always a good episode when Jim Halpert sings. However, I do work on a Jam-centric Web site so I'm required to lament the lack of Jim/Pam interaction last night. We had to hear Dwight refer to Karim getting it on, but all the Jam we got was a little smirk from Pam when FakeDwightwalked in? I'm just going to keep telling myself it will get better.
Favorite Moment: The cold open and end credits. One of the things I've loved this season was watching the interaction between Dwight and Jim. FakeDwight was awesome, but FakeJim was awesome blossom. I mean, who can not love Dwight doing a "Jim face" with his hair all flippy?
Favorite Line: "Fact: Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica." Not only was Jim's delivery great, but so was Dwight's reaction.

Overall Episode Grade: B

Name: Mose_TOC
Office Site:
Review: “Product Recall” started out with perhaps THE best cold open and tag of the entire series, whereas the episode itself seemed plot-less. This episode was one of the best in the season in using the seldom-used “secondary” characters. Creed covering his tail by calling the paper mill, Kelly and Kevin talking in accents, and perhaps the most awkwardly funny moment of the episode, finding out Andy’s girlfriend was a high school girl. The one thing the episode lacked was JAM, but that was forgotten throughout the episode from all the laughs and giggles. I cant wait for the remaining episodes.
Favorite Moment: Michaels ultimatum, saying he will have the F-word placed on every single piece of copier paper in the town if he were to be fired.
Favorite Line: Andy, “I want to take out an ad in your yearbook, full page, two words” Jim, “Good luck” Andy, “That’s not what I had in mind”

Overall Episode Grade: A

Name: Ben
Office Site:
Review: I blame myself for my initial thoughts of this episode. After watching it once, there was Jim being Dwight at the beginning, stuff in the middle and Dwight being Jim at the end. Maybe it's just because I'm partial to the pranks, but I needed to watch it the second time to truly appreciate the episode for what it was worth. Is there any show on TV where secondary characters have little moments here and there and carry the show. Funny stuff. I'm willing to say I like this more than last week's episode because I expected such Jam fireworks that I was disappointed that nothing else happened. Not the case this week. I had the expectation of pure comedy and it delivered in a big way. Classic moments
Favorite Moment: Dwight being Jim
Favorite Line: Hey, Karen, wanna get together later and have sexual intercourse ’cause you’re my girlfriend?

Overall Episode Grade: A

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