Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Office Conference Room... "Back From Vacation"

[Updated: 4/22 12:40pm]

Back to home and back to work on The Two Cents. First thing to do, get The Office Conference Room up and running.

Since it's a repeat this week, we did things a little differently. Let's see what The Office fan site peeps have to say. Be sure to add your own Two Cents in the comments section! Especially answering the "All Time" question of:
What is your favorite ALL TIME prank from The Office and why?

Name: KP
Office Site: TheTwoCents
Favorite Moment of Repeat: The cold open of the sales meeting and everyone ganging up on Dwight. Was a lot of fun to see the quick thinking Jim, Karen and even Phyllis had and then the LACK of thinking on Andy's part.
Favorite Quote of Repeat: Phyllis: I called every grocery store in Scranton, and no one sells whole pigs.
Angela: Did you try the petting zoo?

Overall Repeat Grade: B+

All Time Question: What is your favorite ALL TIME prank from The Office and why?
I think I'm going to have to go with the stapler in the Jell-O prank. It's the first one we had and really set the Dwight and Jim relationship up for the rest of the series.

Name: Adam Tidwell
Office Site:
Favorite Moment of Repeat: Michael accidentally sending the e-mail to Packaging instead of Packer.
Favorite Quote of Repeat: "Jan told me to play it cool and not tell anybody because it can get us both in trouble. So officially, I did not see her. But I did see Jan there. In our room. At night. And in the morning. That's all I'm gonna say. Sex. We had sex. I had sex with her. I had sex with Jan." - Michael

Overall Repeat Grade: A-

All Time Question: What is your favorite ALL TIME prank from The Office and why?
I think my favorite prank has to be when Jim made Dwight think that Friday was Saturday. I like it because it was Dwight's first time to ever be late for work. Jim pulled it off beautifully, and he and Pam shared a moment after Michael came asking where Dwight was.

Name: Cayce80_TOC
Office Website:
Favorite Moment of Repeat: My favorite moment of this episode is when Dwight gallantly tries to console Pam when he discovers her crying alone in the hallway. He offers her a hanky for her tears and then you think he's going to offer her his jacket, but he ends up tying it around his waist saying, "It's hot in here." THEN he sits next to her and puts his arm around her; looking as though he's about to cry along with her. And, just when you start to think he is going to redeem every weird quality he's ever had, Dwight presumtuously says, "So you're PMSing pretty bad, huh?"
It's one of the funniest lines of the episode and probably the sweetest moment in the entirety of show itself. That's my humble opinion anyway.
Favorite Quote of Repeat: Michael: "I did see Jan our room...and at night...and in the morning. That's all I'm gonna say. had sex....I had sex with her......I had sex with Jan."

Overall Grade: A

All Time Question: What is your favorite ALL TIME prank from The Office and why?
My favorite prank of all time is when Jim and Pam team up in The Return to put Andy's annoying phone in the ceiling. The sound of Andy's "Rockin' Robin" ringtone playing in the ceiling while he frantically searches the office for it? Too funny. The very idea that Andy spent so much time to record that hideous ringone in the first place is hilarious. And how can you not laugh at this dialog?:

Jim (to Andy): "You know what? Maybe it's in the ceiling."
Andy: "You know what? Maybe YOU'RE in the ceiling!"
Jim: "Okay."


Name: Step
Office Site: Office LiveJournal
Favorite Moment of Repeat: When Dwight comforts Pam. It's one of the sweeter moments on The Office so far, but they keep it from straying into too-saccharine territory with the 'You must be PMS-ing really bad, huh?' line. Only Dwight can comfort a woman like that.
Favorite Quote of Repeat: 'What's the file name?' 'JamaicanJanSunPrincess'. Amazing.

Overall Repeat Grade: B

All Time Question: What is your favorite ALL TIME prank from The Office and why?
Jim popping Dwight's exercise orb. Not only for Jim's total inability to deal with Dwight bouncing around all day, but for the way John Kraskinski jumps back laughing as Dwight falls. Hilarious.

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