Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Idol Gives Back / Top 6 Performance Recap

Here we go, the first of 2 big nights that Ryan and Idol have been promising us. Let's see how it goes!

News Corporation is sponsoring ten cents per vote - wow. Very cool. The show is so special, Simon's shirt actually has buttons on it!

"Song That Inspire" tonight.

No mentor this week, apparently Bono will be giving advice tomorrow though. That's worth the price of admission.

Chris Richardson is going to sing "Change the World" by Eric Clapton. So, I've been told I'm way too hard on Chris. AGAIN he has the musicians on the stage with him. Come on. He ALWAYS gets more production than the other contestants. This was an ok performance. How Blake was in bottom 3 before Chris was last week I'll never know. Hey! That guy who got voted off first is in the house! Randy thought it was great, Paula called it fantastic, Simon thought it was a good vocal.

Melinda Doolittle is performing "There Will Come a Day" by Faith Hill. This song definitly feels like something you would sit through during a charity benefit concert, so I guess it fits perfectly tonight. She's flawless as usual. I don't know what else to possibly say about her. Randy thinks she's "so dope". Paula says there's no one like her, she's magical. Simon made fun of her always looking suprised. Nice. Simon called it a masterclass. Yup, she's got the goods.

Blake Lewis chose "Imagine" by John Lennon. Ok, the musician is on the stage for Blake too. I take back my comment about Chris (for this week). The problem with songs that inspire? They are kinda boring. Blake did a nice job. Nothing to make you run to the phone and vote for though. Zzzzz. Randy thought it was just alright on the performance side, Paula liked his sensitivity, Simon called it rather flat but sincere. Again, nothing that makes your run to the phone to vote.

LaKisha Jones is about to sing "I Believe" by Fantasia. Wow, I've said all along that Kiki reminded me in a way about her. This was the song Fantasia sang in the finals yes? Her first single? Ok, Kiki actually sold this song better than anyone else has so far tonight. It had something to it. Some bounce and power. Randy found some pitch problems but did like it, Paula called her a powerhouse vocalist, HANG ON! Paula just lumped Fantasia with the group of Celine, Whitney, etc of songs you don't sing. WOW. What the hell? Simon called it emotional but finds she shouts her songs.

Phil Stacey presents us with "The Change" by Garth Brooks. Piano player is back on stage. Big kudos to those stage crew guys, they do it QUICK. We're back at the local charity concert. It's a nice vocal, but again, bored. I'm like the 12 year old kid kicking the chair of the guy in front of me watching this stuff. When do the Gloria Jean dancers show up for this event? (in joke to some locals). Yup, that was boring. Randy called it very nice vocal, Paula called it his best and Simon said he really likes him.

Jordin Sparks closes the show with "You'll Never Walk Alone". Ok, the all time cliche charity song. That being said, she nailed it, and totally bought into it because was crying hard. Randy just said it was one of the best vocals of ALL TIME on this show. WOW! Paula called her glorious and Simon called her fantastic and she'd have a hit record with this song. Yup, we may have just crowned our next Idol. Ryan gave her his tie to wipe her tears. Ok.

This whole night was boring for me. Oh well, that will happen. I really felt like I was sitting through a local charity concert where the karaoke CDs are piled up. If they all sing Seasons of Love tomorrow, I'll lose my mind.

Bottom three will be LaKisha, Phil and probably Blake again. I'll put my money on Kiki going home.


  1. Don't you think it's odd that they had this HUGE, wonderful fundraising event on Idol during TV TURNOFF WEEK?!?!??!?!?!

    i'm just saying

  2. It's a nationally observed week to encourage folks (especially - though not limited to - those with children) to "turn off the television and turn on life."
    you can go to
    it's pretty awesome.


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